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Thursday, April 11, 2002

Two items this week (and sorry I missed last week!). Spring Cleaning was a (literally!) smashing success and we got most of the dead computer junk out of the garage. Mannie (fijian next-door-neighbor) and I took down the blown-down fence last saturday and got the lumber to the curb, now all I have to do is borrow Father-in-law's truck and haul the kindling to the dump. Got to trash pick some more bike parts. I could probably set up a nice little enterprise in bike repair/restoration, if there were any money in it. Nah.

The other excitement in my life can be summed up in one word: FRAGAPALOOZA.

Donovan went and reg'd me for FP 2002 (happy birthday to me!) and tells me to reserve a seat next to him and Photon. I can just see us, three middle-aged gamers with LT optimice...clan "three blind mice". I will pack up my system and a bedroll, and somehow I gotta find the few hundered dollars this little expedition is gonna cost me. I shouldn't have much trouble getting a couple of days off around that weekend.

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