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Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Anybody remember the Red Menace?

The Red Menace was the greatest threat ever to Our Way of Life.

The Red Menace was bent on World Domination.

The Red Menace was going to confiscate your property, your firearms, and your books.

The Red Menace was going to restrict your travel, your speech, and your religion.

The Red Menace was going to take your children and indoctrinate them against your values and principles.

The Red Menace was going to censor the information you recieved about the world around you; feeding you only its propaganda and eliminating any opposing viewpoint.

The Red Menace censored all media in the countries it controlled by way of loyal management and editorial staff who ensured that the party line was followed

The Red Menace was going to invade and intrude on every aspect of your life. You would have no privacy, no confidantes, no secrets.

The Red Menace would sieze your financial records, record your telephone conversations and intercept your correspondence.

The Red Menace spent almost as much time and resources spying on its own citizens as it did spying on the rest of the World.

The Red Menace was going to pluck people off the street, ship them off to isolated prison camps, and hold them incommunicado without due process.

The Red Menace insisted that its 'work' would not be finished until the entire World was united as one Global Collective, with a single government.

The Red Menace was the determined enemy of free enterprise and entepreneurship, only 'collective', centrally-controlled economies were to be permitted.

The Red Menace did not allow Wealth.

The Red Menace did not allow Competition.

The Red Menace did not allow Freedom of Choice.

The Red Menace did not allow the Rule of Law: its power was the only Law.

The Red Menace ruthlessly punished all who opposed it and threatened its interests.

The Red Menace did not trust (or allow) its own citizens to think for themselves.

The Red Menace preached peace and goodwill, but brought war and destruction everywhere it went.

The Red Menace stood ready to use Weapons of Mass Destruction against any nation or alliance that dared to oppose it militarily.

Freedom Loving Patriots had to constantly be on guard against The Red Menace.

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