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Monday, December 23, 2002

Merry Merriment Season!
Uh-huh...Christmas, people!; It's called Christmas!

I was pleased to read in the local papers that MLA Grewal stood up and chided the baaa-ing masses for failing to respect the religious rights and freedoms of an ignored and downbeaten (or at least downplayed) culture; to wit: Christianity.

Honestly, do the PC people have NO shame?? "The December Experience" what the Fooker is THAT? Some kind of tribute band?
So lets hear a Merry li'l Christmas, a Joyeux Noel, and a hearty Feliz Navidad out there!!!

I am OFF work the entire week and what a start I have made!!!

Finally got rid of that huge pile of refuse in the driveway (I got tired of being known as the Neighborhood Eyesore). I promised Laurie it would go before Xmas, and go it did...with a little help from my Father In Law. (hmm, a LOT of help actually - he did the second load himself rather than make the round-trip back to our place a second time).

THEN I finished my Xmas shopping for Laurie. (who else do I shop for?)

THEN I took the kids out to see "Treasure Planet" at the cheep theatres.

THEN I went out again and got Mickey D's for the entire fam...I'm broke now, but happy.

Laurie even told me she loved me...hubba hubba!

Laurie joined the Cantata Choir in November, and the whole fam damily came out for the performance. Other than my Mom in Law being firmly clenched the whole time (she doesn't DO churches), a wonderful time was had by all. We even got a good CD of the performance and Laurie commented that she thought they sound a lot better on disc than live on the stage. They sounded fantastic on stage; I know, I was there. Kevin didn't show; "too many righteous people" - truer words 'e never spoke (and may never again, bless 'im!)

Speaking of the Cantata: I saw Gloria McGovern again...and L wuz furrious...
Gloria is the quintessential "Grrrlfriend" from my checkered past. Seriously, we never got serious...except to discuss how we each really felt we wanted to be married - but not to each other! G is studying Civil Engineering at SAIT in Calgary (where we will NEVER move as long as L is alive). I should get her Don's Email, and mebbe Karen's.

Speaking of old friends, Jared Watson and Paula (nee De Jesus) are up with their kids visiting the folks. He's still the same guy we knew and loved back in third branch, and she is still the same beautifully willowy young thing she was then as well...ok, with a little more mileage, granted, but I still think Jared is one lucky guy!

He-LLOOOOO Global Warming! The almanac predicted a dry winter this year, and to be sure, we haven't had even a little snow. We had a winter like this one several years ago and it finally cut loose the day before Xmas (I remember, because I had to go to work and I was one of the few who actually made it on time). May give it a miss this year. We are forecasting a lot of rain, but no snow. I AM canadian, I suffer withdrawl when there's no White Christmas.

We are going to be hosting the immediate WORLD (Dallman edition) on Xmas Eve...and then doing it all over again Boxing Day (Sanderson edition). Hope the party ice holds out...

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