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Thursday, February 20, 2003


Wonder what the Little Kings have been up to lately?

Check out: http://www.notcpa.org

It's not bad ENOUGH that the RIAA tacks on a Tax for every CD-R you buy (which taxation they are currently trying to increase -- dramatically), now Mr. Gates and the other Little Kings are out to save every PC on the planet from the Honor System. After all, who needs trust when you have an electronic watchdog hard-wired into every new PC on earth? No more copying, piracy, spam, porn... or political debate, institutional whistle-blowing, free information exchange, software development, bug/security fixes, open source...etc, etc, etc.

Like most knee-jerk solutions posed by those who long ago forgot WHY they climbed the ladder and are now only interested in knocking everyone else off, this little number is going to cause WAY more problems than it proposes to solve. "The greatest threat to intellectual liberty since the Inquisition" - and you can quote me.

Whoda thunk Mr. Gates & Co. would still be mad about win2k going over the wall? Hey Bill, if ya can't roll with the punches...

Oh, and by the way, all this evil should NOT be blamed on Sen Fritz Holling (rep. South Carolina). He is NOT simply a political bagman for Microsoft and its partnered interests.

Yeah, right...somebody needs to check into a few campaign contribution accounts down there, eh?

Proponents of this madness will claim that it MAY have some risks, it MIGHT be open to abuse, BUT..."it's better than the alternative"...In what way?

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