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Monday, August 23, 2004

...And this one's for Paul;

Sorry if I worried anybody with that last entry...just venting a little frustration and worry. Life is actually pretty good. But the stress level would probably have killed me by now if I was still the same couch potatoe I used to be three years ago. I am not a svelte, trim, total fitness convert by any stretch...but I have cut four notches inward on my belt since I started daily riding.

Did I mention I can now ride up Wiltshire street? Ouch.

It hurts just as much now when I push my body beyond it's current comfort level, but I just don't seem to mind as much. I'm recovering a lot faster too: 40 seconds as opposed to the 40 minutes it used to take when I started. Seems like a long time ago, doesn't it?

I'm gonna get pissed on tomorrow...at least it isn't too cold.

It was supposed to rain today, but luck was with; tomorrow is a 80% chance of rain here in the Lower Drainland, so I am definitely taking the wet weather gear. If the temp stays above 15 C, I may just wear bare feet in my beach sandals; it'll be cold, but I can compensate for that.

How to pack my clothes so they stay dry is the question...

I was supposed to finish fixing the car tonight, but the car has been home a total of 20 mins since I arrived at 4pm...and I certainly didn't go anywhere...

I am soon to be the "junk pedaler" disposal of unwanted bikes, repairs by appointment, old bikes a speciality. Payment by donation...

Yeah, that oughta get 'em.

I still need a proper C wrench and a set of oversized Crown Nut spanners. I have acquired a set of standard extractors, and a chain whip, so I should be covered for most makes and models. I still have to figure out how I am going to carry a lot of the hardware and supplies I will need if I'm going to take my show "on the road" as it were. Perhaps I'll check out Park Tool's website again, and see what I can come up with.

I had a long talk with Mom on Sunday; I had forgotten how good it was to talk with my Mother...she's good therapy, and a good listener...

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