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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Happy February;

Hmmm, let's see:

My Book: I looked at all the files recently and realized I had 17 chapters and over 75 pages of material (more, if you include the illustrations I haven't put in yet). I am currently playing with an outline; trying to get it all in some semblance of order - 'cause I certainly can't publish it in the order that I wrote it!

I need an Editor.

Work: Patio season is upon us. The only blemish on this happy time is the fact that we have a new Head in the purchasing office in Toronto. Head has decided that we are going to try "pricing by Wal-mart". In other words, we're going to sell OUR patio sets for whatever price undercuts the local Wal-mart store in whatever part of the Country that Wal-mart is selling the same, or similar, patio furniture. If they sell for more...so do we. The reason I mention this is because the Head has sent the word down from on high that none of our suppliers are to put PRICETAGS on the merchandise they ship us. Well, these first sets are the cheapies; the high-volume/low-price items, and we didn't order in time for them to be re-labelled...so we're running around with "pink pearl" erasers, rubbing out the prices!

These patio sets are also reverse-engineered from the packaging backward: 100 sets cubes out a 40' shipping container almost perfectly, and is very easy to offload, to boot. If it weren't for the label alterations, we would be flying through these.

Business: Things must be tough all over, I have had more than one friend/relative approach me about some Home Based Opportunity or other. If it isn't selling used computer parts on Ebay, it's hanging out me shingle as a consulting tech (a tech that consults an expert over the phone).


I am getting the bike itch again, big time. Spring could be very profitable, IF I start soon.

Which brings me to:

Bikes: Black Beauty's bottom bracket (say THAT three times fast) packed it in last week. Like the orginal rockshox fork it was equipped with, which hasn't been made for years; the bottom bracket is old technology that isn't made anymore. This is what you get when you work with "recycled" parts.

The bearings are pressed into place. Not threaded, pressed; as in with a big industrial machine that I don't have and can't even HOPE to duplicate.

I am so hooped.

The easiest solution I can come up with is to re-build BB on an all new frame. I will be taking steps to obtain one in the near future. I tried Dave Fulton first, but the MTB frame bike he had got stolen.

Speaking of stolen bikes, I'd like to head down to Nordel Ravine sometime soon with the Scout Troop and see if we can recover a few...there have been enough "liberated" bikes dumped down there that you can see them from the street above!

I installed the new Pheonix light system and flasher on Big Red, as well as the new tires I got for Xmas. BR rides really well, but still doesn't do so well in the rain. I may consider a re-build on Red. I would LOOOOVE to get that Minelli frame off of Dave, but he doesn't want to sell it. I guess I better keep a weather eye out for new bike-fodder during Spring Cleanup this year. Time to do some curbside trash-picking!

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