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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Hello again;

Down to business:

I am applying for a job with BC Hydro. I don't stand much chance of making it; but if I do, we'll be able to start paying tithes again as there will be more than enough money. A new job would also be an opportunity to take firmer control of the financial reins around here; but don't tell Laurie, eh?

Another option I have to make more money is to move into Barry Kemp's spot as the "go to" overtime guy in big ticket. Of course, this means Barry would have to give up his spot and the only way I can envision that happening is if Barry won a huge lottery jackpot - so GO LOTTO!!! Barry does play the lottery, and I truly wish him all the luck in the world; bizarre, huh?

A third option would be to try a little Job Creation. Finding and building a successfull secondary career that could make up financially for what my present job lacks.

In the meantime, I am going to start an income and spending ledger on this machine. I dusted off the old copy of Spreadsheet Plus and installed it. I think I'll begin with the next pay period for baseline, then track income and expenditures starting with an April-to-April fiscal year. A closer watch on what we earn and what we spend may show opportunities for saving or at least debt reduction. It will also confirm or invalidate L's argument that we can't afford to pay tithe.

My weight point shifted five pounds downward, and now I am showing a hint of a waistline! I still have the 20lbs of GUT hanging below my navel, but it's shrinking little by little. If I can ride consistently (and well) over the summer and autumn, I may finally make my weight goal this year. I still eat indiscrimanately, but I am getting better. I find that what I eat matters a lot more than how much.

The moves towards more fiscal accountability, and physical fitness, are two parts of a list of goals that I am working towards. New-Years Resolutions? Nah, those are made to be broken. These were made so that I can finally Grow Up; 'bout time, too. Am I on track? For the most part, I still have a few areas to work on and some problems persist in Not Going Away. I think I just have to take it day-to-day with some things. I also need to spend some time focussing on what is going RIGHT in my life now instead of always berating myself for what I've done wrong.

There is much in my life that lacks accomplishment. There are a number of challenges that have yet to be met and overcome. But I'm still moving forward...I guess, that's the point, isn't it? To keep trying, to keep going.

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