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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Colin learned to ride a two-wheeler yesterday. I have been employing the Ballantyne Method to teach him; but unlike his sister Coral, I did NOT push him at all (either literally or figuratively). Over the last two months, he has progressed from scooting along, to scooting and balancing, to balancing and gliding, to gliding, and finally...pedalling. The last 3 steps took about an hour.

He did not fall off.

He did not cut, scrape or bruise himself.

The entire process was practically painless.

The process was painless for Coral too, but I pushed her so hard that she learned to loathe the bike. While she ALMOST got the trick of riding, she refused to get back on the bike until the following spring. I had to browbeat her into trying again, and she picked up the necessary coordination pretty quickly.

She hasn't looked back since.

I think it's really cool to teach your kids something that you enjoy doing. I can hardly wait to teach 'em how to drive (shudder).

I didn't go to church today. Laurie and Coral left at 6:45 am in order to get Coral aboard the ferry for Camp. Colin complained of a very sick tummy, so I wimped out and stayed home with him; while Laurie slept off her early wakeup. Rather a pity, actually; I had a good lesson prepared, and I would have loved to have given it, but 'twas not to be.

Things I need to do:

Finish the stairs - finally!

Fix up Colin's new bike.

Read up on Apache and see if I can get the linux box set up as a web server.

Get some ad copy together for TK and TC and Refresh.

CLEAN THE GARAGE. Mebbe a garage SALE???!

Build Mom-in-Law Trudy a town cruiser type bike.

Paint the deck rail - again!!!

Convince KWY to become an Ebay baron...

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