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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Noticing things...

My eyesight is getting a tad weaker...but I seem to notice more.

It just takes a little longer.

Remember how the mouse on this PC was acting up? It finally froze up permanently and I was getting ready to take it apart.

I take apart things that break...I don't always fix them, or even put them back together again...but taking broken things apart is just my nature. Holdover from childish curiosity, I suppose.

I noticed that there was something sitting over top of the LED that functions as the mouse's motion detector.

A dog hair.

I have no idea HOW a dog hair got inside the mouse case, much less how the very tip of said hair came to rest against the centre of the LED. The upshot was that the mouse sensors told it that it was in motion, even when it wasn't. Took some doing to get the hair out of there too; it was pretty firmly wedged in between the two halves of the case.

Bike update.

Black Beauty is NOT a Klein. It has a pressed in BB like a Klein...but the specs are a little different. Also, Klein frames have a stylized logo stamped into the seatstays.

Still haven't thought of a way to get that BB out of there.

I have started to overhaul one of the bike wrecks Bob got for me. The bearing cone on the BB is so rusted as to be unusable; worse, it's FUSED to the frame, I may have to cut it out with a hacksaw.

Did a little cobbling on my Brogans. Tacks in the heel were coming up thru the insole and hurting my foot. A little work with a centre punch and hammer solved the problem. Now I need to shine them and clean all the DOG HAIR out of the insides.

Gave myself a haircut tonight: #2 comb all around and #3 around the ears, sides and back.

I look good.


Still on those ever-dragging BLINDS. I really need a full-size High Reach to put these suckers away...and I really can't get access to one. I am trying to get all the blinds off Xdock by Friday and it doesn't seem like I am going to make that deadline. I am supposed to bring 10$ to work for Leia's baby shower (she's due in two weeks!). I can probably manage it, but mebbe not until Thursday.

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