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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Only 9 more posts (after this one) before we hit the "magic 100".

Lessee: updates.

Our Benevolent Canadian Government will be providing for Granpa. That is to say, he probably won't have to withdraw whatever portion of his estate is currently bound up in our house, as there are provincially-sponsored facilities that will provide care for basically the cost of what he draws as a pensioner. I hope he makes a full recovery...I know it won't be a particularily quick recovery; but let's hope he gains back enough to move back into our place. I may just be playing the cockeyed optimist there...according to L; even if he recovers as much as he is able, it may not be enough for him to ever live on his own again. Getting old sucks.

Colin went on his very first roadtrip. We took our bikes over to Grandma Sanderson's on Sunday last and he showed off his "hot wheels spin racers"; what he bought with his birthday money. He was fine, if a little rusty...he hasn't ridden since last fall. Still needs to work on his braking, as he plowed into the hedge next to our driveway. He was unhurt. It could have been worse; he could have hit the garage door instead.

That boy ain't right. He's a space cadet, just like his pa...

According to the expert L took Colin to see on Monday, Colin is Autistic. This means that he will never, ever succeed in a typical school environment, and may not be able to function in society. Personally, I think it's all a load of bushwah. The Doctor may be suffering from the Hammer syndrome: "When all you have is a hammer, it is amazing to find how much all your problems look like nails". It is possible Herr Doctor can't diagnose anything but trouble. I believe there's nothing wrong with Colin that a little Montessori Method couldn't cure...I will need to read up on it.


I am the new "dock bitch".

Pardon my lingua franca...I have been re-assigned as a dock driver by our new dept. head, Stan Carter.

Yay Stan. Sometime, I'll get around to telling him about departmental transfers, and how they affect our performance numbers. Xdock stats should be pretty good, but Central Stock numbers are going to go down like the Titanic. After all, Central is donating 7.5 hours labor to the Xdock per day, all courtesy of yours truly; who may have been re-assigned, but I'd bet anything Stan hasn't yet re-domiciled my hours to the Xdock dept.! I SHOULD be taking care to swipe in and out of the Xdock on a daily basis...but I can't be bothered. Stan did say that the re-assignment was "for a little while". I took him at his word, but we're going to have to discuss it when he's got a spare moment tomorrow.

Marv Walling was the orginal DB...but he's been off the last few days sick. I've been having fun, as it's only been two days and the inevitable errors I've made / am going to make, haven't caught up with me yet. I guess I'm getting the job done...at least I haven't heard any complaints. Stan isn't one for subtlety, so if I was coming up short I'm pretty sure he would let me know.

In a few days....we get to find out if the company has been sold. I give it another 4 to 6 weeks after that until I find out whether or not I'm going to be changing jobs. Yet another crisis looms.

Speaking of crises...

My mom seems to have sparked one by going to see Granpa in Delta Hospital. L has taken this as a personal affront, and now wishes to rip out my Mother's windpipe and beat her over the head with the wet end. Nothing for me to do except ride out L's tantrum and remind Mom that no good deed goes un-punished. L was in a heated fury as she gossiped with her mom about the "incedent"; and even threatened to phone my Mom to chew her out...

...yah, like L has the guts to do that...;)

And my Mom would sit and take it? NOT!

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