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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Work, work, work...

...and lots of it.

Got a little ambitious these past few days. Father-in-law Bob loaned both himself and his truck to the cause on Thursday. We moved (literally) a TON of stuff out of the garage; with more still to come! The upside is that we can now PARK THE CAR in our garage. We can even get in and out of the car! (on the driver's side). Grandpa would be shocked by just how MUCH stuff we managed to trash. We even tossed that grotty old electric mower! (after I tried -unsucessfully- to re-wire it) So much of Granpa's excess STUFF went and the shop looks a little bare for it. I know that Nick was counting on inheriting most if not all of the shop tools; so we left those. Nick won't be disappointed...all the expensive toys are still there. We've got another TON of metal plate scrap and bar stock to toss as well. Bob has persuaded me that I should try selling the copper and brass pipe and stock to a metal recycler.

The 5HP Mower won't start...so I bought a lightweight (and fuel efficient) 4.5 B&S from Zellers (paid too much...:( ). The new mower is a combo mulcher/rear bagger and does a fine job of both the front and back lawn; save that it uses .75l fuel to the 5HP's 2.5l of fuel for the back yard. It's WAY easier to push around than the "Lead Sled". Mowing the lawn was just the capper to the day. L and I were out back pruning, trimming and cutting back. Good news: one of the transplanted cedar bushes has revived since last year. Bad news: I didn't get the blackberry brambles taken care of in time; and where we had three canes, there are now over a dozen rooted runners back there. Guess I'll just have to keep cutting them down.

Speaking of cutting down: Bob and I found a LOT of wood rot on the north wall of the shop. Bob recommended taking down the panelling and cutting out the rotten wood. The post by the shop door, and the post on the other end, are still supporting the garage roof...for now. Need to get that all fixed and may even be calling someone for an estimate. I wonder if Dad would help?

I know Grandpa isnt' dead yet...but a part of me kind of wishes he would pass on. He's NOT having any fun right now. He's not in his right mind...and is lucid enough at times to know he hasn't got his full faculties. He's upset, occaisionally disoriented and angry (at times) that he isn't being allowed to do what he wants. His former life here with us held a few simple pleasures...and he's being denied ALL of them. He wants to come home...but he can't take care of himself and WE certainly have no way to take care of him. There have been several...incedents...at the care facility and he has spent some time under heavy sedation at SMH. I hate to sound ghoulish; but I hope he doesn't hang around too much longer...he really isn't enjoying life right now. He's fully in the clutches of the Medical Profession; may heaven help him!

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