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Sunday, June 11, 2006

I think this is post number 98 or 99...not sure which.

Ok, mea culpa.

Some of you out there with Google Earth have used the measurement function to point out that my commute by bicycle is NOT, in fact, 10+ miles...but closer to 8.5 miles.

Sad but true.

The route by car is about 17.5 km (10 miles+), depending on which variation you take, but my route by bike (with considerable refining over the past couple of years) is a lot shorter.

Hey, as the crow flies, work is only about 5 and a half miles away from here...but bikes don't fly, unfortunately.

Lotsa stuff coming up, many decisions to be made.

L finally got her mom to admit that it is unlikely that Granpa, even should a miracle occur and he moves back into his head, will EVER use the machine tools in the shop again.

I don't want to keep storing them.

I don't use most of them.

Nick (his son) is only interested in what tools he can hock for cash (or so I am told), as he himself already has a workshop full of tools.

So...what to do with a full workshop? What to do with a basement suite full of furniture and assorted household goods? Granpa is getting 1st class medical care at the Home...he may be around for a number of years yet...but unless and until he regains his mind, he won't be coming back here...and probably not even then.

L likes the idea of renting out the suite and making some extra ca$h off of it. She does not like the idea of having to store all of Granpa's stuff until he's dead. The practical upshot of all this is that 1.) Getting the suite ready for a tenant is going to mean clearing out a lot of Granpa's stuff to make room. 2.) We don't have anywhere to store said stuff except the suite itself...unless we get permission from Trude to actually get rid of it.

I would love to use the shop...but it's wayyyy to crowded in there with another man's bric-brac and unfinished projects...It is all I can do just to get some work area cleared in the garage.

I have managed to figure out how we can arrange a private entryway for the suite...

Ok, this is what the layout downtstairs looks like now:

This is what I propose to do to make a private entryway for the suite:

The "office" idea is not set in stone, but I sure would like a place to keep the computer. The kids would probably inherit Granpa's, since I can't imagine anyone wanting it. It's kinda outmoded...

Anyway, this plan calls for our access to the Laundry to go through the entryway. The Suite has it's own (locking) door, so this is not really an issue. It's basically the same situation as two apartments sharing a common hallway to the laundry room. Each has a locking door, and they share a common access hallway to the outside. The "emergency exit" out of the suite is thru the garage (not shown in the drawing). We would probably keep the door locked off, and put an emergency key box next to the door in case someone had to get out of the suite but could not use the entryway.

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