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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Floyd Landis:

As I write this, I have no idea whether the final verdict is in or not. I do hope he's vindicated; but either way, the credibility...or perhaps "purity"(?) of professional cycling may be damaged forever.

Three reasons why I don't think he cheated:

1. Synthetic testosterone doesn't have that kind of performance enhancing effect...that I am aware of.

2. I don't trust the UCI...or the "independent" agency responsible for regulating banned and controlled substances .

3. He didn't have to cheat. Floyd was one of the first pro riders to use the powertap(tm) device in training and in competition, and the telemetry for that entire stage is available. The physical effort required for that day's performance was well within his known physical limits. The result only looked "superhuman" in comparison to: (1) his awful performance the previous day and (2) the fact that nearly everyone else in the peloton was as tired as he was. Also: no-one else used the same strategy that day as Floyd and team Phonak did.

I could be absolutely wrong about this...but I'll presume innocence until absolute proof shows up that Floyd wasn't bushwhacked by some sort of misguided euro-centric zealot working for the UCI.

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