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Monday, October 23, 2006

Getting old sucks.

I estimate I've got about another 20 - 25 good years left in me before something (current favorite candidate is Rheumatoid Arthritis) comes along to spoil my fun...

I'm building bikes again.

The Apollo is working out, but is coming along rather slowly. I find I may actually have to BUY a part to complete it. hmm? Oh, a 175mm LH square-taper pedalcrank in generic aluminum.

Long story...

I traded the 2 ring crankset to Dave F for a low-profile Sugino ovaltech 3 ring set. Problem is; the Sugino set was mismatched on the bike Dave took it from. I had planned to use the 2 ring set on the Schwinn World Sport I'm planning on restoring - there is a brisk trade in old Schwinn 10-speeds on Ebay - but instead I'm going to use the Sakae set from the ATB. The Beast (ATB) is currently sporting a reconditioned Shimano Biopace crank. I will likely have enough parts left over to leave Big Red (hybrid roadie I'm currently riding) as is; or, I may restore it also to its original state as a cheap dept store 10-speed.


One lightweight Apollo 18 speed, equipped as a commuter.

One Schwinn World Sport 10 speed, with upgraded parts.

One "TOUR DE QUEBEC" 10 speed, with whatever junk I have left over.

I keep the Apollo. The Schwinn gets sold for 100$ to someone with a taste for nostalgia. The TDQ gets sold for whatever (20$? 50$?) I can get for it.

The Beast will get a motor...as soon as I can afford one. Mebbe one of these:

I should mention that I still have the Marinoni...currently halfway through a conversion into a cyclocross bike. Would be a FAST ride...if it were actually rideable in its present condition.

The wife and I were talking about the need for another (motor) vehicle. I am thinking motor scooter, or perhaps motorised bicycle as a stopgap measure. At least until we get the last few thousand of our debt paid down. Will be sometime next year, most likely.

In the meantime, I'm keeping busy.

Projects for Next Spring:

- Strip and paint the deck. This now includes dismantling part of the railing nearest the garage and replacing some rotten timber. One of the steps on the stair needs replacing too. T'ante pis!

- Laundry line. I know, I know - I've been promising THAT one for several years. Will finally be able to do it. How? Hint: we're getting rid of Granpa's sattelite dish. That 20' pole oughta be good for something.

- Finally finish the stairs and railing. The wife may not let this one alone. Could be I'll be finished BEFORE spring. Not holding my breath.

- Get MY shop cleaned out and set up. Had to include one just for me, eh?

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