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Sunday, March 11, 2007

DC 507 is a union shop.

Our Employer, HBC Logistics, is pushing cost-reduction in a big way.

How, you ask; since a wage increase is almost certain to be among the first of our demands in our new collective agreement?

By enforcing the letter of the law in regard to lateness and absenteeism...

...oh, and they've started firing people.

Randy Squires, Alaina Cain, and Clara Vermullen were all dismissed last week. Rumor has it there are more firings to come.

Clara I can explain: it was her "watch" as H.R. officer when the union vote went thru. Corporate in Toronto evidently took a dim view of her performance.

Randy and Alaina are more difficult to explain; although rumor has it that they were let go for a "lack of vertical osculation skills".

I was on the first new crew ever hired at 504 way back in Feb. 1994. I am now the only member of that crew still employed with the company. With Randy's dismissal, there is now no-one left of the crew that was hired the week following my hire. Wow...one hundered percent turnover in less than 15 years; a whole new job market, indeed.

"Rumor has it there are more firings to come"...further bulletins as events warrant.

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Vijay said...

Wow !!! HBC is now a unionized shop.
I use to work at the old 504, on the PM receiving dock.
I am well aquainted with Mr. Squires.
Randy, Alaina and Clara. Rumour has it that Carlo was told to take a hike as well....