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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ah me...

Much has happened since I showed off my culinary leanings.

Sorry folks, some time has gone by since I last posted...like the entire month of July.

L is dating. I'm subsidizing it. This sucks.

I believe the happy couple are at the six month mark. I'm guessing the novelty will wear off soon for L. Or perhaps I'm just a little bitter.

Coral wanted to watch a couple of DVD's today with her daddy. The first one was fine but the second was an archive copy uncle Kevin made and my DVD player couldn't cope with it. I asked her where the other DVD player from the playroom was...

"It's at Roger's house".

Hmmmm. Perhaps Roger ought to buy his own DVD player? While he's at it, how about buying his own car? Then, at least, my wife wouldn't feel the need to keep ferrying him around in our car which I bought.

L doesn't seem to be in any hurry to get a separation agreement in place. By this November, I will have gone one year living with all of the obligations and responsibilities of a married family man.

With none of the benefits or privileges.

If, as my wife stridently claims, we are no longer man and wife; then why is she still spending MY income and MY credit on her social life? She really ought to be standing on her own; financially speaking.

She is making some effort towards that financial independence.

I just wish she'd hurry it up a little.

I figure we can still file joint taxes for this year...and afterward, we'll see about making a clean break financially. That one year mark I mentioned is looming large in my mind. I think it's time to get that separation agreement laid out; whether she feels ready to do so or not.

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