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Friday, October 31, 2008

This will be...post #150...


It's All Hallows Eve; and once again through sloth and distraction, I have failed to increase my CSB contributions. Not to worry, I have a back-up plan. I will be going back to Disneyland next year...if only they would start offering overtime at work again.

I am typing this entry on a much-used Toshiba Satellite 100. The display broke a few weeks after I bought it, but this model has an Svga port, so I am able to hook it up to my old CRT monitor.

I also bought a magic jack. I may now make free LD calls anywhere in North America. To all of my family and friends: I'm really, really SORRY I haven't called you in years and years...could you all please send me your phone number via email? Thanks. That reminds me: I have to cancel my LD provider.

Laurie and I still don't have a (ratified) separation agreement. That is the goal for this month. It's been nearly a year since my (ex)wife declared us "un-married"...time to get on with it already.

I signed up for Equifax, both because someone got ahold of a cloned copy of our old TDvisa card, and also because the lawyer I consulted said that while my (ex)wife may be completely trustworthy, it would be best to cover all my financial bases. The Equifax report produced a few surprises, and I will be making some inquiries and shuffling off some deadweight in the near future.

Gloria McGovern's father, Ron McGovern...almost got baptised. An untimely death in the family and a full-on temper tantrum thrown by his wife Emily put the kibosh (at least for now) on that plan. We're all praying for him and we'll see (after a suitable period of mourning has passed) what the future holds for Ron's membership (or not) in the LDS church. Gloria came out to Vancouver in October for a visit...and then came out again two weeks later for her dad's baptism...that said baptism didn't occur has left her more than a little disappointed. She'll get over it...eventually.

I am...unsettled. I now have an action plan with regard to the divorce, but I am still a little reluctant to actually do it. I have started taking control of my own finances and am one step closer to getting ready to attend the Temple again. I hope to be fully ready by the time the Vancouver Temple opens next year. This is important to me.

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