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Sunday, January 04, 2009

My, how time flies when you're having fun...

What's new?

Vancouver is enjoying it's wettest winter on record. Lots of rainfall, with snow a'plenty at the higher elevations.

I live in one of those "higher elevations".

Exhibit A: our front yard from last week:

Now, if anything, we have much more snow in the yard and drive this week...it's been fun fun fun shoveling all this stuff over and over and over. Snow load on the roof is becoming a concern.

Xmas was good. I bought gifts for the kiddies, and their cousins. Went to Kathy's for Xmas day and had a wonderful day visiting with her family and Mom and Dad as well. Sent a package to Estevan with a long letter. Sent a gift card to Karen's family. It has yet to get there....may have to send another. Birthdays for the kiddies are upcoming and Coral has already got hers. Colin's I may have to travel far and wide to find. He wants (groan) another Hot Wheels widget for his computer.

I want a new laptop. Prices have dropped and they may not drop again this decade. Thank you, rampant inflation... In the meantime, I may have to bite down and get this one's display fixed.

I am Delta Ward Sunday School President. Again. We haven't had one, apparently, since the last time I was Sunday School President. I guess I'm being given another opportunity here. I have to order up supplies, make certain the teachers we have aren't getting burned out, call some more teachers, and call some counsellors. Been there, done that, gonna do it again - only better. Delta Ward is on the cusp of being a functioning congregation again. I'll do what I can to move that forward - or at least not hinder it any.

It's now Divorce Time. I have my offer in order and now it remains to present it to Laurie and see if we can, in fact, reach a settlement. If we can, next move is to file. I am willing to make several concessions...I hope she is as well. We shall see.

Finally, we have heard nothing from Tae Kwon Do about Coral not passing her black belt testing. No news is good news, so I guess she made it. We find out for certain tomorrow.


Karen said...

Hey, how did you send the card, and when?

Anonymous said...

It is now 3 days later and we do know, in fact (almost for certain!) that Coral is indeed, a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.