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Saturday, May 16, 2009

New plan;

Sell Everything.

I got my credit card balance...and I don't really want to drive a van. So I've started the breakdown on the 95 van and I'll be fixing it up A.S.A.P. (or as soon as I can). The 95 will go for 2000$ I think; with a solid rebuilt engine and a body and interior that is near 100%. The white one may go for 750$, I think.

What am I going to have next for a replacement? So many choices!

I've been doing some research on suitable curbing vehicles. A legacy of the planned obsolescence strategy of the Big Three automakers is the sheer number of vehicles with "throw-away" engines. These are engines that work just fine...for about ten years.

It's not that auto makers can't make an engine that lasts for more than 100,000 miles. The Ford 3 litre Vulcan V6, for instance, has a reported lifespan of 350,000 miles or more. It's all in how the engines are made. For the most part, they make 'em just as bad as the market will bear.

But there are some of these throwaways that are very easy to fix. I'm sure this was an oversight on the part of the manufacturers. I've come up with four candidates so far, and I've already got experience with two of them. If I were to expand my repertoire to include transmission repair, I would likely find an additional number of vehicles suitable for the amateur curbside mechanic's trade. I'm looking into that next.

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