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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Well, well, well...

Here it is Christmas again.  Let's start with the announcements from past posts:

I waxed lyrical about the VW's oil pressure problems.  I figured that something, likely the intake filter screen, was getting caught up in the oil pump intake.  After further study...I was WAY wrong.

The 90's era VW's had a "dynamic" oil pressure monitoring system.  Perhaps it was over-engineered?  Anyways: faults in the oil pressure sensors is sort of endemic to these vehicles.  At the same time; the engine troubles this monitoring system is supposed to warn against show the same symptoms as a fault in the sensors themselves.

In other words: my oil pressure warning light (and accompanying annoying buzzer) was going off not because of a fault in the oil pressure sensors (either of them)...it was going off because my engine is really freakin' OLD and has 277,400 Kms (as of this writing) on it.  The wear on this engine is so bad that ordinary engine oil just isn't going to cut it.  Likewise the oil pump is also worn, so keeping the proper pressure is a struggle.

Ah, but how do I really know?

Well, first off was the almost CONSTANT pressure warning on the way to Gloria's two months back.  Even after I had an oil change done (it was due) in Merrit, the little buzzard was still with me at least part of the way home.  I chose to drown it out with Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

Then the head gasket started leaking.

Understand, dear reader, that when an engine with 277,400 Kms on it needs a new head gasket, you don't just replace the gasket.  Oh no, you do a Total Overhaul.  I don't have the time, space, funds...or inclination to re-build the engine on that HEAP.

So what did I do?

Well...if you can't tighten the engine...tighten the oil.  The head gasket leak was fixed with something called Rislone (tm) Block Seal.  "Just pour it in and forget it."  (no, not really).  It worked.  The VW is now running with 10w40 oil and Lucas Oil Stabilizer -- mixed 3 to 1.  I thought that with the cold temperatures, I would barely be able to turn the engine over most mornings, but that engine is so worn in that it hasn't been a problem at all.  It even passed AirCare!

Let me just repeat that for my own ego:  MY JUNKER VW PASSED AIRCARE!

Next up: the Divorce...oy, always with the divorce.

I got the package of papers from the Lawyer.  I'm supposed to review them and then file them with the Law Courts in New Westminster, I think.  I haven't finished the review...and it's been a couple weeks.  I am probably going to have some more questions before I file.

In other news: I'm moving.  But...not too far.

My Aunt Audrey lives two blocks away from us.  She's been waiting for a residence to open up with an assisted living facility in Langley.  The opening arrived, and Audrey moved.

But she doesn't want to sell her house in this market.  She needed a live-in caretaker.  Me.


Her grandson Jason got her stuff (mostly) moved out last Tuesday.  The place still isn't quite empty but to his credit Jason has done his best to drop by when he can and get the rest of Audrey's belongings to her.  What she can't use at the residence, he has packed up for storage.  Me?  I'm moving most of the small items from my place over there; evenings after work.  The larger items I'll leave until after New Years.  The only real concern so far seems to be money: Jason mentioned me paying the utilities (can do) and the Property Taxes (umm, no way jose')...I think Jason might have meant the Municipal Service fees.  I can't see me paying Property Taxes on a Property I don't own.  In fact, I'm still going to be paying Taxes on THIS place until such time as I can persuade L to let me have my share so I can finally stop PAYING FOR MY EX WIFE'S HOUSE.  Again...Lawsuit, anyone?

I re-joined S.P.A.M.  Greg found a new hosting service that is hosting us for free and we're back at it again.  I've posted all my old articles, and Greg has also posted his; plus the articles he wrote for Examiner.com.

I'm off with Kath and Grant and the gang to visit Mom and Dad in Cardston over the Holidays.  'Twil be the first I have seen of the folks in quite a while.  I wish the kids could go, but their Mom's got them booked at their Grandparents this year.

Speaking of the Kids:  Colin is going up for his first degree Black Belt on Friday.  Watch this space.  He had a patch of "disheartened" a few months back; to the point that his Mom told him to just forget all about it.  Well, he and I had a talk, and I promised him that if he would try really hard, I could keep paying myself for his Tae Kwon Do until he had an honest-to-goodness shot at testing for Black Belt...and getting it.

He's got his shot.  It's all up to him to give his best effort, and then we let the Judges decide.  But he knows that he's GOT to give his best, otherwise there's no point.

Let's round it all off with a health report.  I've had flu in parallel with Grant this past week.  Luckily, we're both getting over it and should be fine by our departure on Saturday.

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