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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

December 7th...a date "which will live in infamy".

Or not.

I'm getting a jump start on my New Year's resolutions.  I'm going to be writing a lot more on this 'blog.  Whether or not I'll have anything noteworthy to write remains to be seen.

So...it's been several months; what's up?

I joined the Ward Choir.  Then I joined the Stake Choir.  It's Xmas time!  Time to get my Cantata on!

We perform the night of the 11th.  Should be a good program.  It's not actually a Cantata as such...that's just what we've been calling it these past few years.  Our Choir Mistress, sister Ashton, has selected an interesting and even challenging  repertoire.  I do hope my voice will be fully recovered by then, because I've been sick with a chest cold these past two weeks.

Our Ward Choir will also be performing, although I'm not sure exactly when.  I've also been invited into a quartet to sing "With Wondering Awe".  I'm supposed to be learning the Tenor part for it.  With my voice in its present condition, this has been a little difficult.

In other news, Mom and Dad are not coming to BC for Xmas.  I was really hoping my kids would get some "bonding time" with their Sanderson Grandparents.  They have elected to stay home in Cardston to be near Karen and her kids; who may be needing a little extra support this year as Chad's health issues have come to a head of sorts and it's causing problems for Karen and their kids.

I should still be able to see my kids and get some good "Daddy" times in.  I'm spoiling those two rotten, and it's showing in my finances.  Of course, if I weren't spending my largesse (such as it is) on my kids, I'd probably just spend it on myself.

Speaking of which; I've decided to sell Max come the spring.  The VW Passat is a fun car to drive, but this particular example is just plain annoying.  Cosmetically and Mechanically the car is fine.  Electrically, however, it has revealed numerous bugs and glitches that mean I will need to spend some cash and time getting the car up to par.  I'm also selling the little Golf - still not dead yet - and Lord knows what I'll be driving next.  I'm even starting to get nostalgic about that Caravan!  Despite its age, it was a solid, mechanically reliable and easily-maintained vehicle.

I am slowly - oh so slowly - taking care of the numerous loose ends still left after the divorce.  Selling off items of property I don't need, banking, bonds, taxes, etc.  I really hate dealing with ANY sort of bureaucracy.  I should have everything wrapped up by the time Kath and Grant's lease on this place expires at the beginning of April.  No idea what they/we are going to do/move into next.  We'll see what happens.

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