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Thursday, July 03, 2014

What new, exciting and interesting things are happening THIS month, Uncle Brian?

That's me.  The Weird Uncle Who Lives Under the Stairs. (WUWLUtS).

Well, we got our new Collective Agreement presented and ratified last month.

I resumed Home Teaching last month ('bout time too!).  Our ward choir performed an arrangement of "Praise to the Man" that went so well that we were asked if there was a recording available!  I have been trying to get our Choir Director interested in a side project where a few of us from each section get together and sing the piece again so we can record it.  Hey, I can dream, can't I?

I'm off to Alberta to help out my nearest and dearest.  Well, they are dear to me...but they're also 1200 KM away.

I'm toting along a set of good (used) tires for Karen's van.  She phoned me in a bit of a worry about the "bald" tires the vehicle is presently equipped with.  She was worried the tires might explode, or something like that.  "No, see, first the tires will simply stop holding air for more than a day or so..."

"...then they'll explode."

I can be very re-assuring, don't you think?

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