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Thursday, July 04, 2002

I sit here at the desk with my little Son on my shoulders. He is giving Daddy a scalp massage. Not much new this week. But at least one disappointment...

I ain't going to Fragapalooza...

I have made a LOT of fruitless attempts to raise the cash to go, and unless a Godly Miracle occurs and the money comes out of the blue, I just don't have the means for a round-trip and a 4 day stay in Edmonton. I am still going to mail that video card and other stuff to Donovan, just as soon as I can get a replacement PCI card for the kid's system.

Been riding the Bike to work. Today really sucked as I got a little impatient waiting for the 340 (didn't know if the scheduled bus had a bike rack) so I boarded an earlier bus that dropped me off on Annacis Island. It goes against my better judgement to ride the Alex Fraser Bridge TWICE in one day, but I felt I had no choice. As it is probably going to rain tomorrow, I will be taking the CAR if it does.

Been doing a lot of Central Stock work lately, it's NICE!!! - to be back in the saddle, actually DOING warehouse 3 work to go with my warehouse 3 pay classification. Jack had a couple of do-overs for me, which he hates, but I find it's only a minor annoyance. I am ONLY 99% accurate, after all.

Laurie and I have been going back to church...yep, doin' the religion thing. I have really enjoyed going again. My Mom is ecstatic. Her mom is probably upset - Laurie hasn't really wanted to discuss it with her parents, but she kind of figured one of the kids (Coral!) would mention it to grandma and spill the beans.

Taras, my friend from work who got hit by a car a couple of weeks ago (today), is doing fine. He is under professional care and getting some physio (I think) to work the kinks out. He is NOT back riding yet. Whether this is because his bike is still trashed, or his BODY is still trashed; I haven't been able to determine. Probably both.

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