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Saturday, August 03, 2002

Ok, let's start with the highlights:

Kwy's Wedding.

John Coad (old mutual friend) told me that he had phoned Hell and it was still 200 degrees down there...ha ha ha.
Seriously; am I the ONLY one who held out hope that KWY would get married some day?? Having finally met the blushing bride the day of the wedding, I can only confirm my initial opinion first voiced when I saw her picture; "definitely worth waiting for". Of course, what she sees in HIM, we can only wonder.

Anyway, the wedding/reception/dance went well and KWY and Bride are in the Gulf Islands enjoying the Newlywed Effect...

KWY's Stag Party.

KWY felt sorry that I wasn't able to go to Fraga, so he arranged a little LAN party of his own in the amply spacious basement of his new place in Clearbrook. Nine guests and ten systems showed up. We played TA and Half-life...I remember starting the half life tourney at about 3am and then looking out the window a short time later - it was DAYLIGHT!...and my butt hurt from the chair I had been glued to for the past 2.5 hours. I know I'm too old to stay up all night playing deathgames and bingeing on pizza, but it's nice to go back once in a while to the heady, foolish days of my mis-spent youth. Other highlight of the Stag was the presence of Donovan and Wife Sheila. In BC to visit family, they accepted KWY's invite to the party - cool!

My 36th birthday...halfway to my "threescore and twelve". Bogdan baked me a Bavarian Cake! What a nice surprise!

My weight.

I finally fixed my goal at 192 pounds. I started at 251, and I am presently just under 215. I lose a half-pound every time I ride the bike to work...which I am gonna miss out on this week.

My Vacation.

I finally got my vacation schedule straightened out (not a moment too soon). Took care of the Benefit Plan Enrolement at work as well.
We're going to PENTICTON!!! A little sun, a little Golf, See the sights, Swim, Shop...should be fun. Laurie expects me to dance with her...a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Oh, and I will take the time to get some writing done...although not HERE...

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