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Saturday, July 12, 2003

This edition comes to you from my In-laws house. Loooove that broadband connection!!

This week at work was BORING...less said about it, the better. We got the smart set at work all taking vacation before the traffic picks up again. Myself, I have to wait another three weeks 'till Penticton rolls 'round again.

Still haven't painted the deck rail...L sez we will set aside next weekend to do it. I hope the weather is good. Is raining cats and dogs now, so there is a 50-50 chance of rain next weekend. Reminds me: I need to get my roto-stripper out of Bob's garage. Reminds me again: Bob sez he threw out the roto-stripper years ago...oh well.

Tomorrow is the DC507 open house; my moment to shine! Mom has agreed to go, and we may even (sotto voice) -sneak out of church early- to attend. I will make the most of my 15 minutes...

We are here at Bob and Trudy's to celebrate...Danielles UnWedding day. Yep, the bullet Dani dodged would've been tying the knot with Clayton TODAY. Still had the invitations sent and the entertainments arranged, so why not throw a party? It's raining, as I mentioned, but Dani got some tents rented and a tarp rigged and now a party of about 30-40 (somethings) are out boogie-ing to Michael Jackson (I didn't say it was GOOD entertainment). I'm just an anti-social hermit who found himself pigeonholing one of the other guests and holding forth on things political, musical, and moral. I decided after eating to quit while I was ahead. It's about 10:30 now, and most of the guests with kids have already left. I think L expects that we will stay until the end and help clean up. I myself have stocked up on much sleep today; so I can stay up late, if necessary.

I saw the Matrix Reloaded Tuesday last. What a mind trip! Seeing the movie after all the reviews and pontification are over has it's advantages and disadvantages. Hearing the Architect hold forth on the Creation of the Matrix and Freedom and Choice and The One et al was ENTERTAINING. 'Specially since I'm one of only two people I have talked to that actually claimed to understand what the H*LL he was talking about. The story left about a dozen or so loose threads and some of the overly simplistic storyline was more than a little contrived ( to provide a convenient opportunity for car chases, fight scenes and a truckload 'o digitally enhanced explosions), but overall the script progressed the story cycle well and whetted my appetite for the third installment. Can you say "triple feature"?

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