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Sunday, July 06, 2003

Well, here we are again.

Just finished a walk down the Delta Millenium Trail. L's idea. The dog seems to have enjoyed it least of all. Myself and the kids were into it, although Colin got a little tired by the end and I had to carry him on my shoulders. We are doing the family thing again tomorrow night and going out for the free swim at Sungod Rec Centre.

Installed a new door last weekend. I didn't know we were buying a new door, which caused some consternation on my part when L announced it. Deep down, my whingeing was all about my having to install the !@#$%^&!! thing and how difficult that was gonna be. I spent three hours trying to straighten out that pre-hung frame, when I realised that the frame was fine...it's our HOUSE that's bent! Some shims on the hinges and the sill plate got it (almost) settled - at least the door doesn't stick.

I will be doing a LOT of house work in the coming week(end)s. We have to get that deck stripped and re-painted before we leave for Penticton. Got some repair to do on the deck stair as well...may need to re-organise the woodpile and (sigh) set up that !@#$%^&*!! shed.

The car is running as well as can be expected. I managed to figure out which widget in the EC gear was running wonky, and I disconnected it. The car still stalls and chokes, but only for a few seconds each trip while warming up. I still need to get that engine diagnosed and fixed on the cheap, if possible - BEFORE the car is aircared.

Work is fine and the DC is holding a Public Open House on July 13. I have invited family and friends to come, and maybe some will show up. It's from 11am-3pm so we'll only be available to catch the last hour and a half. I would love showing off my workplace to my parents and wife 'n kids.

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