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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Die Nasty III (die even more nastier yet with Sharp Things in your tires...)

The car's tires have been letting us down lately...

Our trips to Seattle over the summer may have something to do with it. The tires aren't balanced, you see, and they got hammered going to and fro on the Interstate 5.

I took the car down to Action Tire (best used tire yard in Surrey) and was prepared to buy a replacement set of "pre-owned" for the back wheels, when their guy pointed out that three of the four tires were just as bald and wavy as the pass rear tire I was concerned about. What we cheifly need is a matched set of - balanced! - all season radials with mebbe some front end alignment work...I have budgeted 400$, and that will be getting away CHEAP...If I can swing it. I will at least have the front end checked by a place that does free inspections, and perhaps do the repairs there, if necessary. I must check the state of our finances and credit, and see if I can at least do the new tires and balancing tomorrow. Need to get it done ASAP, or that tire may fly apart at an inopportune moment, like when I'm on the highway on my way to work...

Laurie thinks I'm being an alarmist. I prefer to think of it as being sensibly cautious.

Next thing you know we'll get nailed for the cracked windsheild, then we will wave bye-bye to another 250$ to get the glass replaced. We can do it on the cheap (we can to anything on the cheap) but L would prefer not doing anything at all. I think she still thinks of the Chrysler as her Parents car...and she doesn't fully realize just how MUCH more expensive keeping a large car running smoothly is. Especially as this example came to us with some pre-existant problems. I am glad that I am able to ride to work the odd time; it certainly saves some gas money. I still need some waterproof luggage and some boots to complete my wet-weather riding ensemble.

Area conference was...interesting. In a departure from normal procedure, the conference addresses were broadcast via sattelite downlink to about 40 meetinghouses across BC. Ususally, the Brethren would find a large meeting hall or convention centre and pack in the members from our 6 stakes and 1 district into one place. BUT - last time I attended a regional conference that way, it was held in GM place. I guess our membership has outgrown ONE venue, so we use technology to bring the meeting to the members, rather than the reverse.

It was NICE today, after the week of torrential rains and flooding in the lower-laying areas. I tuned in a traffic report Wednesday to hear about a car floating -yes FLOATING - down the Willingdon Ave ramp off Hwy 1. The Mary Hill Bypass was impassible due to the CPR underpass just off the Pitt River Bridge being full of water. That would be about 12 FEET of rainwater, I guess...

So it's nice to have a little break between Monsoons. I will probably ride out to work tomorrow, but I still have to get the car fixed, so I may take the car; I think it will depend on whether I go out at 5:30 AM to find a car with FLAT tires (or not). Perhaps I will leave the car for Laurie, a flat tire would go a long way to convincing her that we do, indeed, need new tires. A blowout would be even more convincing, but I wouldn't wish that on my wife; or anyone else.

I have been giving serious thought to taking a course of Herbal Medicines as a Parasite Cleanse. I seem to have some general symptoms that would indicate something is putting a serious strain on my personal physiological resources. I don't drink, so keeping the wee beasties (and you would be surprised at how many different species have made a successful go at using Homo Sapiens as a viable host) out of my gut and out of my bloodstream is that much more difficult. A good Rip-Roaring Drunk three to four times a year keeps the gut clear and the arteries spotless, but that particular avenue isn't open to me, even for medicinal reasons. Besides, as any recovered alchoholic can tell you; it's hard on the Liver. I have found at least three general Wormwood formulations, and recipes and instructions for a DIY course of treatment. I think I will give one of the more reputable courses a try...

If it works for me...I may buy a second course for Laurie and the kids. Convincing Laurie would be...difficult.

Wish me luck.

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