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Sunday, November 02, 2003

Well; All Hallow's Eve is over for another year. It was my year to parade the kiddies around the neighborhood. We had to cut it short by about 40 mins due to the COLD!!! The kids still managed to get a nice haul, and spent most of Saturday morning raising their blood sugar to lethal levels and bouncing off the walls and ceilings.

Paul visited, and accompanied me on the trick or treat tour. Always a pleasure to hang out with another adult; particularly one as intelligent and well-informed as Paul. We had dinner, took the kids out, brought 'em back, and then went and caught a late show: "Underworld"; an imaginative Vampires Vs Werewolves flick that suffers only one fatal flaw: it was released too close to "Kill Bill - Vol I". My opinion of Paul as intelligent and well-informed has nothing to do with the fact that he paid for dinner AND the flick. Did I mention he was generous too? I keep thinking we should fix him up with my wayward Sister-in-Law, who needs to settle down NOW...

We had a Hot Dog day at work, to thank us all for our efforts in making top management look good...Held on Halloween Friday; they were offering a free dog (or two) for any employee who came to work in disguise - I mean, in costume. I managed to work up a "ninja cyclist" outfit consisting of my riding gear and a homemade ninja mask made from a T-shirt. "We'll give ya points for originality" was the general consensus. I even altered my ID card as a joke; it's the little details that make the costume, I think.

The Dynasty has new tires. I went down Tuesday before last and was unable to find the yardman I dealt with on the previous Saturday. Instead, I got the owner/manager of Action Tire, and he was hip deep in customers at that moment. Recognizing his harried demeanor, I approached carefully and when brusquely asked "what can I do for you?", I responded; "I would like to buy a set of tires". This improved his demeanor dramatically. He then requested what size were currently fitted to the car and when I confessed I didn't know, he said; "that's alright, have a look and we'll fix you up right after I'm done with this truck." I went back to the car and obtained the necessary information, and trotted back just as the aforementioned truck was being lowered and the O/M was wiping his hands on a rag. Did I mention these guys were good? I've seen Indy pit crews that weren't that fast! I gave him the information as we headed up to the "showroom" shack at the back of the yard. As soon as he heard me say what size the tires were, he stopped and turned around. Right next to him was a stack of freshly "squeezed" tires, still with salvage marks all over them in white grease pen. "Curious," he said; "that's what size these are, and they just came off a wreck this morning. I haven't even had time to test them yet." He then quoted me a price that was 100$ less than the price I got on Saturday! I got to watch as the tires were cleaned, tested, mounted, balanced and installed - in about TWELVE MINUTES FLAT - no pun intended. What service! The new tires are Sears Roadhandler ASX, and about 660 TWI; where the others were generic knockoffs with about 320 TWI, which is why they succumbed so easily once they went out of balance. I got the usual 30-day-replacement-but-no-way-do-we-do-refunds guarantee, which is ok by me. One of the yardguys at action says they turn around about 1200 tires in an average month. I believe it!

Snow will be coming soon. We were to have flurries this weekend, but while the cold temperatures showed up, the moisture and precipitation did not. I got the yard all policed up and ready for winter anyway; just on spec. I have decided I won't be riding when it snows, but I may just ride any day the roads are clear; cold or not. One good thing about winter; NO RAIN. Once the temperature goes below freezing and stays there, I don't have to worry about getting WET. Need to start worrying about hypothermia tho'...That reminds me, I gotta haul my breath mask out of storage.

I may have a line on a Ten Year Anniversary gift for Laurie. We may be able to spend an unexpected but still very welcome weekend at a condo in Whistler! Not to get hopes up prematurely, but I really hope this pans out...

I am informed by the Stake Sunday School Presidency that I need to get off my duff and call some counselors. I have yet to even consult with the counselor I have. Lord knows I could use a little counsel, or at least some solid advice. I don't want to move anybody around, but I also don't want to make any mistakes that will let in any sort of resentment in the Ward. This is a real test for me, I need the kind of inspiration that I haven't used in YEARS. Sometimes I wish I had a simpler calling, perhaps as a mere sunday school teacher. (uh-huh, like it's no big deal to teach...)Laurie thinks I ought to get involved with Cubs & Scouts, the way she is with Girl Guides; after all, Colin will be of age soon.

I have made a consultation call to KWY's wife Leona about my health concerns. What she needs from me - and I have yet to do - is a detailed and dare I say GRAPHIC description of my current state of health. I didn't think I was squeamish, I just assumed I was too busy to do it right away and the opportunity would come along presently. Gotta buckle down and get it done - I'm not getting any younger, or healthier. These are concerns apart from the usual seasonal stuff. IE: I'm currently chasing a cold, but I have not caught it - yet.

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