"Keep a Journal: How else are you going to get a good look at who you were?"

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Watch what you ask for, you may get it. I have been itching to join a choir for over a year now and now I can join FOUR! If I want to...

Sherry Marciel is managing the World Religion Day Presentation Choir (really an Octet), which I have joined and am in practises with. Alice Davies was conducting practice last week and decided that I definitely (!) had the stuff to sing with the Community Choir she conducts with Tammy Harker on Mondays. The Stake Cantata Choir is starting up again, and Laurie has joined again. Annnnnd - Tammy is also trying to get up a Ward Choir for Delta Ward starting Nov. 16th.

Big Problem: Babysitting. The reason I'm not AT the Cantata Choir with Laurie and may not make the Community Choir and may have trouble getting to the Delta Ward Choir practises (even though I signed up); there is simply no-one to take care of our kids...or rather, I haven't found anyone yet. I am in the WRDP Choir because the practises take place immediately after church and thus far haven't produced a problem for me. I get a ride home with one of the other choir members, and take over babysitting at 5:30 when Laurie leaves for Cantata practise. 'Tis alright, the WRDP gig is enough to keep me happy for the moment, perhaps I will move on to bigger and better things later.

Tuesday the Stake has a Temple Trip planned. I had intended to go down to the Cenotaph in Centennial park for the Memorial Service, but I can observe a moment of silence wherever I am. We MUST be back early though (by 6PM); for Kwy and I have a consultation with Taras' boss at Alabon Kennels to discuss some Small Business Solutions. Taras originally approached me about it, and although my expertise doesn't run deep in those areas - I could prolly muddle thru if I had to - I DO know someone whose expertise DOES run deep in those areas. Kwy not only knows how to effectively use most Small Business Software, he could WRITE some for anyone looking for a custom solution and willing to meet his price. That is the purpose of this initial contact meeting Tuesday night, discovering the clients' needs, and what or whether they can pay for Kwy to meet those needs.

Things have been going so well around here that I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. L and I are getting along, the kids ain't mis-behavin', and the car is running well. Reminds me, I have to get a new Breather Mask so I can ride the sub-zero temps to work. Also; #1 ride and #2 ride need a Seasonal Overhaul.

ANNNND...I need a haircut, preferably tomorrow.

I gots this idea for a new bicycle light generator, something along the line of a linear induction generator like the "no batteries flashlight" featured on the 'net these days. Should be an interesting project to build; except I'm so BUSY lately that it will likely take MONTHS to complete. Watch this space for further bulletins.