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Saturday, January 24, 2004

I am off sick AGAIN from work.
My head is in a vise.
My chest is in the grippe.
My nose runneth oer.

I decided to take off a Misery Weekend and see if I could give Bronchitis a miss this year. As fun as having the chest Xray et al was last year; I feel this year I can do without.

I don't know if I'll be able to sing at the next Choir Practice tomorrow. I may show up (kids in tow) anyway to listen to Laurie go for it. I want to get some sort of babysitting going and I'll see if I can work something up.

I have yet to start phoning people.

Dave Fulton came over this morning. He's my neighbor from across the way on 114th street who runs a bike shop in his garage. He had an old 700mm Italian racer wheel that he was having a devil of a time mounting back on the rim. I did it for him, barehanded. I then re-inflated the tire with my hand pump (which has an adapter for presta valve tubes). He was very grateful, and now we are even for the pedalcrank he was able to get me for the Blue Meanie (the schwinn).

I have been riding the Blue Meanie to work because the Norco cannot swim; every time I take "big red" out into the rain it comes home looking like it has been thru a sandblaster and there is grit EVERYWHERE. Since it is impossible to keep the Norco tight, clean, and dry; I have decided not to ride it until the Wet Season is over. The blue meanie is only a few pounds heavier and its components are more durable. I just need to get off my duff and do more regular maintenance on the schwinn. Its pedalcrank was BADLY scored and pitted; I had to replace half the bearings too. Thank goodness Mr. Fulton had a suitable spare; I did not.

Our Scouts are going to do a bike tour around one of the Gulf Islands this summer. As part of the preparation for this "super activity" their leaders want someone to conduct a clinic in bicycle maintenance. I volunteered to be the "wrench" in question, as long as I get to make the trip! I even have a spare bike or two I can throw into the mix if some of the boys don't have their own. Should be fun. Still have to work out vacation schedules with my wife tho'...

Today's weather was Bloddy Arful. We had sleet, hail, more sleet, a little snow, and yet more sleet and then some rain for a chaser. Miserable; hope it's all over and done with! I am planning to RIDE on monday.

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