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Thursday, January 01, 2004

I've started something again that I probably won't see through.

I got one of Grant's keyboards (really just an electric piano) and I have begun to pick out hymns on it. I also picked out some themes from my "mirror concerto" that's been running thru my head for the past few years. It would be wonderful to get it arranged and recorded, then I could annoy all my friends with it.

My vacation is almost over, I go back to work in four days, but not before I complete the sisyphean task of heaving all that SNOW off the back deck before it collapses under all the weight. This may be an all day project. Speaking of projects, now would be an ideal time to overhaul the bikes and maybe get that pair of Raleigh bashers in roadworthy shape. It's not like I'll be riding with all this snow on the ground.

In other news, I have been released from the Sunday School presidency, and called as the Ward Choir President. My last duty as SS president was to hand Dennis Sloan (called to be the new Sunday School president) all the information on the Teachers, Students and curricula of the Delta Ward Sunday School. All the information, in other words, that Derek never bothered to give ME, when I replaced him.

I am going to enjoy being the #1 booster for the choir, and getting in the faces of anyone I can to build the best choir possible. Mostly, my duties will consist of phone calls, emails, faxes, letters, and finding babysitting so the choir can get more members of the congregation to come out. I hope to fill every one of the chairs on that pulpit stand. I know we have more than enough talent in the ward to make a good choir, what we need is COMMITMENT.

Saw the Lord of the Rings III tonight: well, it's definitely over, folks...
...Now they'll probably do "The Hobbit".

Good Night, and Happy New Year!

Next: new year's Resolutions.

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