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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Busy, Busy, Busy...and not much to show for it!!!

Hmmm, let's see: The new hard drive died and we are once again a one-computer family. The car is dying and we are a less-than-one car family. I STILL haven't made a point of telling the Williams that I want choir practices in the bulletin on a regular basis. I may hold off on that for a couple of weeks longer yet...

We may hold off a couple of weeks in getting the car replaced, too; our previous attempt to replace it was NOT a good experience.

888 Auto Sales, of 888 Kingsway in Vancouver (natch) was having a weekend sale and they offered to knock off 1000$ from the sticker price of a '95 Plymouth Neon Sport. That put the car well within our budget, and made it really tempting because this was by far the finest Neon we had seen. So we signed the deal, and TRIED to get to our bank in Whalley (Granpa won't move his accounts to the branch in Delta, oy vey!), only to find they close at 3pm on saturdays. We asked 888 to hold the Neon until monday and they said OK.

Got to the dealer monday after work and the little black Neon was not there...

Instead, they offered a plum blue Neon with higher mileage, a paint peeling problem, and WITHOUT the Sport model's added features.

Can you say: BAIT AND SWITCH? I knew you could...

Quite frankly, I was a little insulted that they would pull this kind of &*$%%#@!!! on us after the deal had been inked. Their office manager tore up the copy I brought; but of course there is still the copy our bank made...IF we wanted to make trouble for them, that is...

We have decided to wait and see if we can get a Church Mission Fleet Car, most likely a Chevy Cavalier. This was our original plan, and since the Die Nasty is still limping along, we don't HAVE to have a new car right now...but it will be REAL hard to stick to the plan if the Die Nasty decides to pack it in before the Mission office calls us to let us know if they have a car for us.

If they DON'T have a car for us; I have narrowed the field down to three choices (all three of them Chevy!):

The Chevy/Geo/Suzuki Metro (4door sedan model)

The Chevy Cavalier (ditto)

The Chevy/Geo/Suzuki Tracker (4door hardtop model)

Epinions.com has good things to say about all three vehicles. Our own tracker gave yeoman service for the 12 years we had it...

As for the systems upgrade, that may have to wait until the 12th of never; I don't have the money or time to finish it. Coral and Colin fooling around with THIS computer (DADDY'S!! HANDS OFF!!!) has resulted in a busted floppy and an almost-wrecked CD-R drive. I have told the kids to concentrate on the Gamecube (tm).

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