"Keep a Journal: How else are you going to get a good look at who you were?"

Sunday, April 04, 2004

There be a CAR in our driveway!

A white 1996 chevy cavalier, to be exact. We got a good deal on a good 4-door with the Factory Options package.

Wife got me to leave work early on Thurs. afternoon ('cause the Die Nasty is DEAD) and get my Father to run me out to Westar Motors in Langley to get the deal done. At the price we got, that car was going to be GONE by the weekend, so we had to deal NOW. I may even put up pictures! This car should be with us for about 5 years, and with little effort or maintenance beyond the ordinary. All hail to bargain finding Wife and Forces of Truth and Goodness!

Got the Die Nasty parted out to Father in Law Bob on Saturday. Got corpse hauled away the same day. The die nasty is now, or soon shall be, a small cube of crushed scrap metal. yaaaaayyyyyy!

We got a clamp truck at work...gues who got tapped to drive it? Uh huh...

I am building a 'roadie' for the first time in YEARS. Has been good therapy.

Got Coral to start writing a journal.

Was conference today...will Read All About it in next month's Ensign.

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