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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Ever read a post and realized your focus is becoming a little narrow?

Jeez, it seems that all I ever write about lately is our car troubles.

What ELSE has been happening in my life, wot?

Well, I am the Choir president of the Delta Ward Choir. Such as it is. We will have to start calling on congregation members to sing in the choir as an assignment! Our numbers are FEW. But we sound pretty good. I just wish we sounded pretty good with more voices!

My new hybrid bike is a success! To-work time is down to 45 minutes! (never thought I'd see the day) I have managed to get my return trip down to just over an hour!


The gearing is all wrong. The skinny 5 speed hub is too narrow for the 3 chainring set up front, I get the chain riding all over the place in top gear. Next gear down is ok, but the cadence required to maintain a decent cruising speed is a little higher than I'm accustomed to. I don't think I can make any of the thicker 6 gear hubs I have work, partly because they're all from 26" wheels and partly because I don't think I can get the @#$%^&**! freewheel off the 27" wheel I have. It is Spring Cleaning/Trash Picking season around here, but so far I haven't found anything I don't already have two of, and I haven't found an appropriate 27" 6-gear wheel as a suitable replacement. Mr. Fulton doesn't have anything that isn't already attached to a working cycle.

I am writing again. A little creative exercise to loosen the scribing muscles, it'll never be published, of course.
Laurie is taking an interest in the kids' education. She has purchased exercise books (fun ones) for coral and jigsaw puzzles for colin. He quite enjoys doing the puzzles with mommy or daddy.

I am wearing glasses again for the first time since I was 10. In fact, I am supposed to be wearing them now;)

I am getting used to them, and even occasionally forget that they are there.

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