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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Well, it's certainly been BUSY lately...

Mom called last week, another virus on her computer. I think I'll get her set up with ZAP if I can get rid of the worm that's on her system now. My own system has no floppies and the CD-R is giving me grief; most probably because KIDS have been fooling with it. I can probably fix the floppy problem by swapping it for a new one, and the CD by removing and re-installing it, but I just haven't got a 'round tuit' yet. I am also supposed to be sending that Cyrix 300Mhz case and mobo off to Donovan in Calgary. I have Don's address, I just need to dig it out of the files.

I seem to be a little generous lately. I noticed Quinn Marciel needed a good bike if he is to make the bike trip Dan is planning this July. I gave him Big Red, the Norco Kodiak that is (1) too small for me and (2) I am unable to sell. I hardly ride the Norco anymore, and the new hybrid is really working out. I plan to upgrade the hybrid this week, as well.

Our house is a shambles. This is because my wife got fed up with how it looks and has decided that it is time for a change. We have a nice new paint scheme (fixed the hole in the wall in the entryway too!), and a laminated hardwood floor is being laid in the diningroom/hallway; soon to be spread to the livingroom and stairway, just as soon as I get all the furniture moved and the furniture feet felted. (gad, I love alliteration!)

I am off this week to accommodate the yearly PNWTSD Festival. I will be babysitting Colin while Laurie and Coral are away in Everett, Wa. for the festival. I will get the @#$%&**! floor done and a few other items whilst she is away.

One thing I GOT to do is pick up Laurie's mother's day present. Not easy on a Sunday. I don't like shopping et al on the Sabbath, but I don't seem to have any other time to do it, and I don't really want to leave it until Monday. But I may have to. I will be out and about on Monday, as that is when I have to get that case and mobo shipped out to Donovan.

I MUST mow the back lawn, the grass is high enough now to lose a small child in. Since I will be looking after a small child all alone for part of next week, it behooves me to eliminate that particular hazard. I may even weed-whack. It just drains me, when I think of all the projects there are around here that need to be done. I STILL haven't finished my Laundry!

This laminate floor installation is beginning to be a bit of a bear. I started out laying the panels in the WRONG direction! I started with the hallway when I SHOULD have started in the dining room or living room! I did manage to match up the transition from the dining room to the hallway properly, but it involved re-laying about 20 panels. Luckily, these things come apart just as easily as they install; once I figured out the correct methods. I have managed to slack off the project for the last three days, and Laurie hasn't said hardly anything...and I KNOW she was expecting it to be done by now. One thing that has really held me up is the lack of a proper tool to cut the laminate. The scroll saw Granpa lent me doesn't do a very good job, and the radial arm saw, though it has a proper blade for arborite and laminates, takes too long to set up for each cut, though I am using it for long rips. A small hand hacksaw seems to give me the straightest and cleanest cuts, but it takes 2-3 minutes for each cut! This adds about 20-30 minutes to each session of laying panels, and the aggravation factor goes wayyyy up. What I need is a roto-zip or something like that. I'd go out and buy one, but I honestly don't know how often I would use it outside of this project, so justifying such a purchase is difficult. I WILL be using the radial arm for cutting the panels and nose moldings on the stairway, but that is more a matter of getting an absolutely straight and even cut for each step.

We had FUN. Tonight we participated in a Ward Activity: "Survivor - Delta Ward". Led by the Williams family, the event was well-staged and organized. Our tribe, "Haida", got penalized for leaving our flag un-attended, and again for getting caught trying to re-take it from where it had been hidden after we lost it. Busted! But for that, we might have been in the "Top Two" tribes and would have been onstage for the final Tribal Council Jury Vote.

TOLD ya we had fun...

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