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Friday, June 25, 2004

I'm Back!

Didja miss me?

Our computer finally packed it in. Our family has the worst luck with computers, it seems. Today's entry comes to you from a Celeron 700Mhz system Kevin built with his "welfare" mobo and a few usable parts salvaged from our malfunctioning system.

I just wish L hadn't told Kev it was OK to wipe the hard drive...

This will be the third time in a YEAR that I have had to re-build some or all of the files and apps on this HD. By now, I have managed to acquire all the backups and Reg'd copies I need to get my internet connection back up. Took a little tweaking, 'cause Kev put Norton IS firewall on the system and I'm accustomed to ZAP. Well, I guess I can uninst Norton and get ZAP and Grisoft AVG back if I have to. Must find my ZAP reciept so I can prove I BOUGHT a copy. Now that I actually have a working CD-R again, I should take the opportunity to create working archives for Zap, AVG, and Spybot.

...Sure takes a lot of 'precautions' to surf safe these days...

Karma Dept.: Helped a fellow cyclist on an old Centurion Ironman who flatted on the south end of the Alex. Chris paid me a US$ greenback for my spare 27" tube, which he didn't have to do, but I dinna stop him...the greenback can go to our "temple coin" fund. He reminded me a lot of Chris Lidstone. I didn't ask, and besides, he looked too young...

Been a hard slog at work this week, came home so tired last night that I turned in early; completely forgetting about the bonus choir practise Sis. King called and reminded me about on Wednesday night. Ah me, will call Sis. King tomorrow and apologise, and find out what time the Sunday morning practise is.

I have been riding with beach sandals on to beat the heat on me feet from the steeltoed shoes I normally wear. Problem: the sandals allow too much side-to-side flex of my feet and it's hurting my knees. I may have to dig out those stiff Saucony track shoes and wear them barefoot as a compromise. I may keep the sandals around as my wet gear footwear, at least for the summer months.

I FINALLY got the back lawn mowed properly. It took three days, and darned if it don't need to be done AGAIN!!! I think we'll have to put in a pool one day just to save me having to mow so much grass!

Ms. Amanda Peacock (hubba hubba, what a sweetie!)has informed me that I am her INSPIRATION. She lives about 8 blocks from the DC and has decided to ride her bike to work instead of driving. WAYYY to go! Unfortunately, her bike isn't too ridable right now, so she borrowed a bike from a friend. And WHAT a bike: a fully suspended Stumpjumper that must weigh a freakin' TON. Fortunately for Amanda P., her route to ride is in ultra-flat Richmond, so weight is not an insurmountable obstacle. But the phrase "built for off-road, not for speed" really applies to this machine.

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