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Thursday, July 08, 2004

This system Kev built for us is giving me grief...

It overheats, so I removed one of the case covers; now we get severe interference on the cordless phones whenever the system is switched on.

The system is switched on most of the time because the HD has a tendency to implode whenever it is switched off. Laurie has just re-built all her geneology files and has finally learned to backup onto a floppy so the information won't be lost the NEXT time the system crashes. This is a fairly crappy system. Old school cellie 700 tends to freeze up at the most inopportune moments.

We went for a little Canada Day Weekend holiday to Lac La Hache. The Fir Crest Resort is a little campground by the lakeshore a few k's from 100 Mile House. We did some fishing, hung around the In Law's 5th wheel on rainy days, and even took a 300k side trip to Barkerville. Highlight of the Barkerville trip was Coral panning for gold, just as her mother did at her age. Ate some of the best donuts on earth. Laurie picked up a recipe for divinity fudge that she tried out when we got back - yumm! So good it should be illegal!

I caught no fish, which is not unusual. Bob caught no fish, which IS unusual. Laurie caught two fish, and those were the only two caught during the whole trip...my sweetee the Fishwife!

Everything got damp - including our firewood. We had exactly ONE campfire after the campfire ban on the Cariboo region was lifted. After that, the wood was too wet, along with most of our stuff. When we returned to the lower Drainland, we found sunny blue skies awaiting us and I put up the tent and camp chairs and let them "air" for a few hours before putting them back in storage.

I have decided to KEEP the custom ATB frame Bob got for me. Although the hydraulic dampers on the shocks are SHOT, I managed to rig an adapter and put a decent standard-size spring fork on it. The frame is REALLY lightweight for an ATB, and with some accessories (like the fenders from the Schwinn), it will be a fine ride. The Spring Fork was YELLOW...so I spray-bombed it black to match the frame. Looks nice.


Now that I think of it, I'm probably gonna sell the Black Beauty anyway. I figure I can get 100$ for it easily, and that will enable me to get the set of Specialized tools at Gunnar's shop. Once I have the toolkit, I will build the 'bent I have been collecting parts for since the Spring.

Work is fine, and busy...

Church is not fine...we haven't attended regularily in a while and I am beginning to miss it again. I also need to get my HOME TEACHING DONE! and GET GOING ON MY CALLING!!!

annnnnd that's all for now.

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