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Saturday, September 25, 2004

"Sir? Are you aware that you're leaking coolant at an alarming rate?" - Futurama: "Planet of Robots" episode.

The Cavalier is loosing coolant. It needed to be fixed anyway, because I bodged the thermostat replacement and I STILL can't get the radiator fan to switch on...the car was running REAL hot this summer.

So I worked some overtime and took the car to Toyo motors. They replaced the thermostat, tested the system for leaks and got the rad fan working again. They also overcharged us by about 20$; but hey, it's only money! I appreciate that they have loaner vehicles available for their loyal customers...

I have set up Parental Controls on our system. The kids are surfing more often and are sometimes unsupervised...I feel better knowing the "bad stuff" is blocked out. I have yet to explore all the possibilities of Norton Internet Security.

We need to do some serious clean up around here. The old rug from the kids room is quietly moldering on the back deck (smells bloody awful), and we still have some scrap metal and bits of garden stuff and generic trash hanging around the garage to go. In addition, I need some sort of bin or something to keep my bike parts in. I would really like to set up some sort of shed or something out back to replace the old rotting shed back there, and have someplace to put some of the garden equipment we don't seem to have room enough to store anywhere right now.

It's still a little too early to sink into a seasonal depression, but that IS how I feel; I gots the blahs...

I need to start a new project, or finish some existing ones...

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