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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Been playing Backgammon at MSNzone again...


Four opponents: two English, one Hebrew, one Korean - all on "expert" level. Down by one or two points in each match...managed to pull even or ahead in all four games (once by judicious use of doubling cube) and ALL FOUR quit before the match game was complete!!! Sore losers...

I mean, the Hebrew BURIED me that first game...and played well all the way up to the final game...and quit when it was obvious he was too far behind...feh!

One advantage to the "play for money" sites: if your opponent gets fed up and quits, he STILL has to pay up!!!

I think I'm ready...too bad I can't find a club here in town where I can drop in to play... FIBS, here I come!

Weather has been getting cold of late...I am down to two or three days riding per week. This is enough to maintain my fitness level, and even provides for a little weight loss; albeit at a slower rate. I must watch what I eat, as well.

Found and repaired that old bottle genny that Taras gave me. It's a 6v/5w lightweight dyno with a .5 inch friction wheel. I was built into the headlamp housing; which has broken, so now I am debating whether or not to house the genny seperately and kludge up a new housing out of PVC pipe. I still have that generic handlebar mount; I ought to be able to screw that puppy to anything. Now all I need is an appropriate bulb. I was thinking a 12v/10w krypton bulb should do me...and should be "blow out" proof as well. The genny set will be my primary light source, with the twin C cell headlamp as the backup.

Saw another Dead Man Riding this morning. Dark clothes, no lights and not even a hint of high-vis reflector anywhere on his person or bike...sigh, and they say motorists are negligent...I have even seen Phantom riders doing the Suicide Run down Nordel way in traffic for pity's sake! Oh well, these Darwin Award nominees are doing the rest of the cycling public a service by not living long enough to breed...

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