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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Well, I got my juice back...automotive-wise.

The slight coolant leak on the Cav turned into a major gush on the eve of the 27th (Tuesday night?). SO I began to poke 'n prod Wednesday after work, and got the full kit of parts and a torque wrench from our local Lordco. I took Thursday off and got the head removed, and prepped the head Friday after I got it back from the machinists. Saturday I spent putting everything back together and part of Sunday I spent second-guessing myself because the car wouldn't start as I forgot to plug the fuel pump back in!

Actually, it was a textbook job, except the part about the fuel pump...

What other news? I got Randy's computer fixed up for his kids...then the 2gig supplementary HD I installed blew a fuse and took the CD with it. Spent some time at driverzone last night finding the right drivers. This is kind of embarrassing, as I promised to have the unit back to him (in working order) by Friday. So I can't do the CPU upgrade (in-betweener Pentium/non-MMX), and the extra HD didn't work. Now all I need is for the SIMMs I installed to go wonky and I'll end up owing my client a new computer...

I priced out a reasonable fee for the package...it's more than the PC is worth...

Why do I bother?

Laurie won a 500$ shopping spree from Art Knapp's Plantland (the home of Dept. 56 Collectibles). She was PUMPED, and spent today shopping at Knapp's. I worked some overtime, and managed to catch up on a little of the massive backlog that has built up in Central Stock.

Took the kids to see Disney/Pixar's THE INCREDIBLES. WOW!!!

Definitely gotta go see that one again...IT ROCKED!!!

I've got my home teaching list and I've been partnered with Don Cassel. I guess we'll keep each other honest.

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