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Saturday, November 27, 2004

I have a Dristan cold.

You know, itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, touch of fever. Plus various assorted aches 'n pains...

I went to work Thursday...probably shouldn't have. It was one of those days where you hope things will get better and they just don't.

So I took Friday off. Saturday as well. Still feel awfull.

Do you know what my WIFE had me doing today???!

Her parents came up for the day so they could all attend a funeral together. Umm, Spring's father, old family friend of the Dallmans and fellow square dancer. Died suddenly of a heart attack in his kitchen...

Anyway, L had her dad bring the 20' extension ladder and once AGAIN I was risking my life on that thing putting up our Xmas lights. I have a COLD darnit!!! Freezing my nay-nays off on a ladder is the LAST place I should be!!!

Bob and Trudy were not only nice enough to give L a ride, and ferry the ladder to me, but they also took care of our kids on Friday night. L and I went out to dinner, enjoying some great comfort food; also did a little window shopping. Went to see "Finding Neverland". Definite Chick Flick, but a good performance by Mssr. Johnny Depp. I found it amusing to see all the 'tweens and teens ooohing and aaahing over Johnny D.; they DO realize the guy is pushing 40, right?

The car is running fine, after the half-an-overhaul I gave the engine. Nothing leaks, and the engine seems to be running as well as it did when we bought it, mebbe better even...

I have finally acquired, after 32 years of being literarily capable, a strong testimony of reading the scriptures daily. Especially the Book of Mormon, I intend to spend the next few years memorizing it...and no, I'm not going to jinx this intent by putting it down on paper. I have finally found a genuine desire. Why? Let's just say it has given me the strength (in ways I don't yet fully understand) to deal effectively and finally; with my daily struggles.

I have decided that my reliable homebuilt roadie, Big Red, is NOT an all weather machine. Although I have been able to improvise some effective Wet Gear, the bike itself suffers too much when exposed to the elements. I have not yet completed black beauty, the hardtail that I think was once a Norco Katmandu. Beauty needs brakes, a chain and a new seat. I could also stand to re-do the rear axle. Some fenders would help as well. Beauty would necessarily be a slower ride than Big Red, but I could take some of the rougher side paths and shortcuts that are too risky to Big Red's tires. I think the overall trip time would even out. Frankly, I think riding thru that sandbar by the Lafarge Concrete rail spur would be much easier once the ground is frozen! All I really need for proper cold/wet gear is a good pair of waterproof boots, cheap.

I got to meet Coral's psychologist, Dr. Kope. She's a nice lady, but I think I intimidated her a little...We discussed Coral's diagnosis and prognosis and she recommended a little home study reading. Coral's treatment has been a godsend, and BOY can you tell when she's off her medication!!

We'll be getting some Xmas fund$ from my parents, and some additional ca$h from my savings bonds thru work. All told, about 500$ to spend. L wanted to buy a portable DVD player and we may still do so. Another choice would be a video camera. Perhaps a model with DVD recording capability...?

We've been meaning to get ourselves a video camera for some time. I would consider it a bonus if we were able to find a model that functioned as a webcam, as well.

Speaking of gifts, I wanted the Lifu Prontool set for Xmas, but L sez no way. She did, however, relent a little and let me buy a copy of Sidwell's "Bicycle Repair Manual" a concise guide for the Home Mechanic. Bliss!

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