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Friday, December 24, 2004

Leaving the posting a little late this month, eh?

Worry not, friends 'n neighbors, 'tis the holiday season and there should be plenty to write about over the next nine days...which I have off work, btw.

What to do with all this free time on a sudden?

Well, tomorrow we're going to see the Polar Express (which reminds me, I need to look into getting advance tickets). We'll probably go out to dinner as well and enjoy some good "comfort food". Coral is finally over her cough and Colin seems to be doing ok, so it should be a merry (and healthy) Xmas after all.

We bought a toy...a portable DVD setup for the car...and now L wants to return it as she can't see us USING it all that much. We'll probably blow some of the ca$h back on a night out and put the rest on the vi$$$a card.

I've got all my gifts bought, and almost none of them wrapped - aigh! I managed to hit the high points on Laurie's list and I know she tried her best for mine. I really need to think about upping my "Xmas fund" donations for next year.

I haven't rode the bike to work lately. I need a proper light system - which I believe L is going to provide - and some sort of waterproof footwear. The gumboots I have in mind are common to any surplus store, but I haven't been anywhere NEAR a surplus store lately. I'll find 'em. Meanwhile, my weight has plateau'd again and I may be wearing my belt out another notch soon. GOT to get back to riding in the new year! HAVE to!

My new course of study for my new Sunday School class is Church History, specifically the D+C. I am sure I will learn as much as my students!

Bro. Cassel has re-commited himself to Home Teaching, and he's taking me along with him! Bless him, his commitment makes up what I lack.

Mom and Dad are away in San Diego doing the tourist thing...feels a little strange not having them around.

Anyways, will right more later as the mood strikes me.

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