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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Laurie's been telling me for some time that all the sick days I'm taking will catch up on me...

So I called my sweetie today and said; "Hon, do you remember how you said that I would get in trouble for all those days off I have taken?" "uh-huh" says Laurie, sounding mildly un-impressed.

"Well,"I continued; "today, they GAVE ME AN AWARD!".

She chuckled.

I got a gen-eww-wine HBC Logistics nalgene water bottle and a certificate congratulating me for 3 months perfect attendance...apparently I have had no absences for July, August and September of this year.

How the heck did THAT happen???

It certainly wasn't intentional...I mean, the recognition is nice, but I wasn't actually looking for any.

I am still riding my bike, and keeping it in good repair is becoming an increasing chore. The bike was "old" to begin with, now it is becoming truly decrepit. If it weren't for the supply of fresh corpses I get from neighbors, family and fortuitous circumstance; I would not be able to keep the clapped-out hunk 'o junk rolling. Currently, it needs a new chain, which I have; and also a new freewheel, which is currently soaking in lamp oil down in the shop.

Lamp oil?

An accidental discovery...lamp oil is a heavy oil, so it makes a good lube for freewheels; but it's also volatile, which means it contains light fractions that give it good penetration in metal and the ability to dissolve tar and residue inside the freewheel. I've resurrected two or three freewheels which were "shot", and got months more service out of them from this treatment. You get a small plastic bowl, with a bottom diameter smaller than the large cog on the cassette; this will leave a 1/2" or so space between the bottom of the bowl and the bottom of the freewheel. Pour in enough lamp oil to completely cover the cassette, and leave it overnight. Next morning, you will find a well-lubed cassette, and a small layer of dark sludge on the bottom of the bowl.

My Harem:

I have a harem of bicycles. I need to decide which of my lovlies I must part with...mainly 'cause it's getting REAL crowded under the deck out back and I don't even have enough room for the KIDS bikes!!!

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