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Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm too busy earning a living to make any money...

Put up the Xmas lights today. The kids helped. I mean, actually helped, it was something of a pleasant surprise. We decided that 8 years of service from the previous lights was a pretty good return and since Canuck Tire seems determined to sell off their last remaining stocks of "non-LED" outdoor lights CHEAP; new lights were in order. Besides, I got tired of patching together a working string from the ones we had.

I came up with a number of BRILLIANT ideas for how to hang and store and arrange those lights. All of these brainstorms had one thing in common: me NOT climbing a 20ft extension ladder up to our slimy, moldy eaves to hang a bunch of !#$%^&*!! lights that I'm going to have to take back DOWN again in January!!! The winning idea was to zip-tie each 9ft string of lights on a piece of 1/2 inch PVC pipe and use gaffer hooks screwed to the pipe to hang each section from the eaves. All it would require is a standard ladder and a LONG gaffing pole. I could store the sections in the garage rafters. I priced out the parts and the whole project is do-able for under 30$. Sigh. Maybe next year.

I am doing a little more bike work lately. I haven't EVEN begun to start promoting Tech Corps. Kwy has been working himself ragged getting the Core website up and running. We haven't got clients beating down the doors, either. I have managed to get most of my tools together for PC work, but haven't even finished the upgrade on this machine yet! I have also been looking at completing my bicycle toolset, and it turns out that I need only a few more items until I have everything I need to start my own shop...except my own shop. I really need to clean the garage.

I really need a lot more time. I'm working overtime at work almost every chance I get except Sundays and holidays (although I did work thanksgiving). I'm getting tired...and sore.

I will be teaching Elder's Quorum on sunday. I can hardly wait. I will either succeed brilliantly, or fail miserably. Watch this space for further bulletins. I've had members of the bishoprick call me repeatedly at home (I'm never here). I don't know what they want as I haven't BEEN to church in a month of Sundays!!! L is sodding off to Wash. state this sunday for a square dance association meeting (that was to have been last week), so I get to take Colin to church with me. Joy. I don't know if I'm still a Sunday School teacher or not, I haven't been there for 4 weeks so I presume by now they've replaced me with someone more reliable. I may do a reprise of my famous Golf Ball lesson for the kids...if I'm still their teacher. Perhaps Colin and I should arrive early to church on Sunday.

I wrote to "ask the Mechanic" about our noisy Cavalier. Haven't got a reply back yet, but I'm sure one is forthcoming. I may also post at freeautoadvice.com. I still have my old account there, but I haven't posted anything new since we sold the tracker! I hope the problem is not too expensive, and fixable...but I think our finances should be prepared to take a hit anyway.

I get two weeks off at the beginning of December. L already has big plans for me. That will be when I fix the !$$%^&*! car if I am, in fact, able to fix it myself. I also need to repair the garage door. L wants me to FINALLY finish the joins in the flooring, finish the stairs, and put baseboard and trim all OVER the upstairs. Sounds like a big job, right? You have NO idea...

And yet...think of the sense of accomplishment if I actually DO get it all done. What WILL I have to keep me going next year???

Oh, and we need new furniture. Especially a new lounger for my busy, busy wife. The one she has is falling to pieces. Literally. I would say it's from over-use, but not out loud where she could hear me...

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