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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The following was posted 10 days ago at a.r.m.f. No reply has yet been seen to this post. Either no-one has read it...or nobody cares.

I wrote it in response to a couple of "anti-bots" we seem to have...traffic from these individuals seems to have slowed somewhat since I posted it. I wonder what I'll do for an encore?

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From: "Brian"
Newsgroups: alt.religion.mormon.fellowship
Sent: Sunday, August 20, 2006 1:57 AM
Subject: Look at it this way...please!
> Ok...lemme say up front that I am LDS.
> I read the Book of Mormon...daily.
> I went on a mission...to the Bible Belt, of all places.
> I won't say I've "heard it all before"...but I've heard most of it at
> least twice.
> In the interest of keeping a peaceful, rational and informative dialog
> going; I'm going to remind some of our non-LDS group members that they
> need to be certain of which side of "blind, irrational, hidebound,
> robot(ic), unhearing, unthinking, controlled, sheeplike...etc, etc, etc."
> they are ON.
> Yes -- I know there's very little commonly accepted evidence for the
> Historical Authenticity of the Book of Mormon.
> Yes -- I know there are seeming contradictions in the BoM and in LDS
> doctrine and practices. I realize we vary (sometimes widely, sometimes
> not) from "accepted Christian doctrine and practice".
> Yes -- I know there's been a lot of "authoritative" writings by learned
> scholars showing "beyond refutation" that Joe Smith was a liar, the BoM
> was a fraud, we're all "spiritually enslaved" dupes...as you can probably
> guess, I've even read quite a bit of it. Granted, I haven't read any
> "anti" for almost 20 years. Quite frankly, it gets boring after a while.
> (you listening, Nancy?)
> Mind you, I didn't know until recently that the BoM had such a colorful
> and convoluted publishing history. (thanks Craig!) I mean seriously;
> translated and published in the 1830's...and we had to wait until 1981 to
> finally have the definitive edition? Oy.
> Now...my point:
> You might stop for a few moments and consider...Atheists.
> They too have their websites, their tracts and pamphlets, and their
> crusaders...
> --and what, do you suppose, might they be crusading against?
> Well, some seem to have a jones for organized Religion in general...but
> here in the western world their efforts seem to be focused mostly on
> Christianity (and yes, they lump US in with the rest of ya).
> Well...if you're going to attack Christianity, you have to attack the
> Founder.
> ...and everything that's been written about Him.
> So consider this:
> Every arguement, EVERY arguement you might use against the BoM about
> its origins, accuracy, integrity, language, grammar, doctrine,
> consistency...whatever.
> These arguements have been used and ARE being used today against the
> validity of the Bible. After all, if the Bible isn't true, then the
> Christian Religion is a fraud, see? Discredit the Bible (and yesyesyes
> that is precisely what the Atheist movement in the US believes it has done
> and is doing) and the whole Christianity Myth goes away like smoke in the
> wind. Then the people will be FREE!
> Yah, whatever...
> So:
> If you're wondering what's going on in the hidebound, sheeplike,
> irrational, controlled, "spiritually enslaved" mind of the average (but well
> read, I grant you) LDS member of this group...I invite you to spend an
> hour or so reading from this site: www.atheists.org . Start your hour
> with their onsite google search on the word "bible".
> I'm serious people! Your faith is not so shaky that you're going to
> re-think "accepting Jesus as your personal saviour", is it?
> Probably not.
> Now ask yourself:
> Did this change your beliefs in any way?
> Would reading MORE of it change your mind?
> You might be surprised to find that you have already heard some
> of the arguements the Atheists have made. You might even find
> arguements for which you have no ready response. You may want
> to seek out a "Christian Apologetics" site for some "anti-anti Christian"
> viewpoints on those...
> Ok, I'm kidding about that last one...
> But you see my point, right? You've read the Bible, you know it to be the
> Word of the Lord. You know He lives. You know He willingly gave up His
> life at Calvary for the sins of the whole world. Reading some
> "authoritative" atheist writings on why this is all just a silly myth
> (yep, they use the word "myth") isn't going to budge you one inch. Unlike
> the Atheists, your knowledge of the Truth of the Bible has far more to do
> with your relationship with God, and much less to do with what "learned
> men" have to say about the Bible, or God, or our Saviour.
> I've read the Book of Mormon. I'm still reading it. I know it to be the
> Word of the Lord. I know it was translated by the Prophet Joseph Smith by
> Divine direction. I know we have a living Prophet at the head of the
> Church today. My knowledge is NOT based on what you or anyone else (pro
> OR anti) has to say about the Book of Mormon...my knowledge stems from
> personal witness and a daily acquaintance with the Book. To be blunt:
> God told me it was true. As I study, He is still telling me. His voice
> is heard in the Scriptures; in the Book of Mormon, and in the Bible. It
> is the same voice.
> It's not that we aren't listening, or that we don't/can't/won't
> understand...It's just that, like you, we find what the "learned and wise"
> critics have to say about our Scriptures is, well......irrelevant.
> Thanks to all for your time and thoughts.
> B.

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