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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Grant had a car accident on Saturday last.

As near as I can tell from not actually being an eyewitness: He was waiting at the intersection at Scott & 72nd when the car in front of him stopped suddenly (it's a very busy intersection). He and his '92 Pontiac firefly 5 door were not moving very fast, so he stopped with plenty of room to spare...

...the BMW following him did not stop.

Nothing against the driver of the other car; these things happen. Personally, I think talking on a cellphone may have played a part somewhere...but that's just me. Grant may not see enough compensation to replace the firefly. ICBC will only give him "fair value"...which is somewhat reduced at present as there was previous damage to the front end of the firefly. ICBC will probably write off the car, but there is almost no way Grant can afford to replace the car for what their claims adjusters will give him.

He spent most of the night at Delta hospital; in considerable pain but without obvious spinal damage. Evidence of soft tissue damage 'tho; he's going to spend an uncomfortable few weeks or months. He's already been through a few rather painfull days thus far.

The capper was the new job he started this week. AND Kathy being 10 months pregnant.

He's being tested...ain't it obvious??

Kinda puts my own (comparatively minor) problems into perspective, no?

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