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Saturday, December 02, 2006

My daughter is developing a bit of wit.

Or...she's just being a wise-ass.

The Grrrl-ige is well on her way to a fine career as a teenager. She's still a 'tween' -- for now.

Examples from the "kids say the darndest things" file:

I was sitting here putting around on the computer when my insistent daughter came down to ask a favor. As her pleas fell on lazy ears, she stepped back a pace and said (hands on hips); "C'mon dad, don't make me use the CUTE voice!"

I came in thursday after work; to a super-clean walk and bare-to-the pavement driveway. We had the only clean walk and drive on the block, at that time. I boasted; "We have the ONLY clean walk and drive on the block! Do you know what that means...?"

And Coral piped up; "You're obsessed?"


Lotsa fun.

I had a minor "rack bump" at work. Owing to the presence of multiple witnesses, and the fact that I am basically honest; I reported it as per company guidelines.

Big mistake.

I have been off the machine for TWO weeks now. The hold up was primarily that my boss, my boss's boss, and the senior dept. member responsible for "re-certifying" me apparently couldn't get their schedules to co-incide.

There was no damage in this particular incident...So why am I "certifiable"?

I also took some flak from one or two of the guys, but only in a joking manner. Most of the dept. staff wonder why I seem to have been singled out for such shabby treatment. Marv joked that I was now a "level 0" employee. I pointed out to him that while I may be a pedestrian, I'm still getting paid as a machine operator. From one point of view; I'm getting all the benefits with none of the inherent risks.

Gloria M., friend and confidante from my singles days...is getting divorced.
She needs all the friends she can get and has rekindled our acquaintance. She's got an unlimited LD plan, so I had my first LD phone call in about 12 years last week. We caught up. She'll be fine, in time.

Kwy appears to have dropped off the face of the earth. Should give 'im a ring and see what he's up to . Donovan too.

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