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Monday, December 03, 2007

AWWWwwwwwwwww -- crap...

I got a brand new bed yesterday.

I am finally sleeping (separately from my wife - long story) up off the living room floor (air mattress) and off the (dog hair coated) couch.

But it takes some getting used to, you know?

I usually get up in the wee hours to pee (hello middle age!). I had a premonition.

You see, the Lower Drainland got about 30-40cm of snow this weekend. This evening, about 6PM, the snow turned to rain...and hasn't stopped yet. The last time it rained this hard was the week that we got back from Disneyland, so I toddled downstairs to see how the floor drain was doing...

It was full of water. The water appeared to be rising...very slowly.

At 3AM, about 20 minutes after I woke, I grabbed our Canon digital camera and recorded a 20 second clip of the drain just as the water was pushing past the rim...then I took a few still shots of the growing puddle around the drain.

According to the Delta Municipality...it is impossible for water to be coming up that floor drain from outside.

Gotcha now...or so I thought.

I rigged up the siphon spout in the laundry room wash sink, and watched the water level drop dramatically in the drain...then turned around to see:


Pretty much from all over the basement...

as of this writing (I'll be done about 6:30) there is about 1-2" of standing water in the basement...

The water can't go any higher than the toilet flange, as there is no longer a toilet sitting on it; unfortunately, I can't get the flange off...so that puts the height of the flood at about 2". This is enough water to soak all the footings on all the walls. I am now going to need to put our washer, dryer, hot water heater and freezer up on footings...'cause this is probably going to happen again.


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