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Monday, December 31, 2007

And now, a word from the voices in your head...

I recall an entry from Sept. of 2005 in which I discussed a dialog with the Still Small Voice.

Well, I've had another one of Those Days...

The Kids got a Wii for Xmas.

They broke the Wii earlier today.

This is some kind of record...they've only had the @#$%^&*!!! thing less than a week now...

So, after several stern words about the futility of indulging them and buying for them expensive tokens of rampant consumerism; only to have those trinkets destroyed by their boorish negligence...

Sorry, don't mean to go on about it.

We've set up the Wii atop Colin's dresser in the corner of his room. This is exactly where we had the gamecube (tm). It's getting rather crowded atop Colin's dresser now. I wanted to set the Wii up in the livingroom but Her Nibs decreed that it would interfere with her soap and talkshow watching if the kids were constantly at the TV playing the game console. Therefore the Wii was banished to the boy's bedroom. The kids aren't all that conscientious about keeping cables and boxes 'n things out of the way of...other things -- like say, Colin's dresser drawers.

SO: the Wii got pulled off Colin's dresser not once, not twice, but three different times today.

Third time was the charm...so to speak.

The console still operated and displayed, but it wouldn't read disks.

As the Dad Who Works Miracles, I had a bit of a dilemma...a true What Do I Do Now moment.

And the Still Small Voice answered once again:

SSV: You know, that unit probably fell on it's front panel, and since everything else still works, the impact probably knocked the laser assembly out of alignment.

Me: Yeah, so?

SSV: Well...what if you knocked it about on the other end...just a few firm taps.

Me: You have got to be kidding.

SSV: It's already broken, what have you got to lose?

Me: C'mon, that only works in SitComs, and my life is not a sitcom.

SSV: Murphy's Law of repair: If it doesn't work, shake it...if it breaks, it needed fixing anyway.

Me: sigh...all right.

So I *carefully* disconnected all the various cables and errata from the console and, holding the unit a couple of inches above a cleared space on Colin's dresser, gave it a firm 'thunk' - one, two, three times - on the back panel. Then hooked it all up again and plugged it back in.

It worked.


On the other hand, I could use a little SitCom 'magic' in my life.

More later. Yappy Hew Near, and Holly Happydays.

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