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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy 2008.


What's up?

The Basement isn't finished yet.

It's not even started yet. We've begun making strategic phone calls to various individuals: our insurance agent, our "restoration specialist", our plumbing contractor...

...Ok, I haven't actually called our plumbing contractor yet. Our insurance agent is talking to the Claims Department at the city of Delta and wishes a statement from the plumbing contractor just to get all of the details of the claim organized. This might explain why the basement reno hasn't started yet: the principals in the case haven't decided who is going to pay for what. All I can say is; the city was negligent, at the very least.

The basement, despite torrential seasonal rains (and the occasional snowstorm) has remained dry. There was one minor incursion at the end of last month, but owing as how our floor drain actually works now, the water left immediately. I can live with that.

May still have to dig up the foundation tile in that corner come spring, tho'.


We finally got those new standup forklifts the company promised us in November. Our dock lifts are Hyster model 40. The old "tall" lifts are model 30. The "new" are model 35. They combine a model 40 chassis with a lift similar to the model 30, save that the lift height is greater and was actually planned to be able to reach the top of the racking easily without striking the roof trusswork or piping. Oh, and the mod. 35's are equipped with an optical laser sight and a digital height counter. Chief complaints about the new machines: lack of workspace. I myself had to retrofit a "clipboard" of sorts to hold picking orders and labels. Actually, I'm pleased with the way these are working out; but the cockpit is a lot more cramped, and yet still comfortable.

I'm going back to church. Very soon will be paying tithes, doing home teaching, perhaps even holding a calling! May also take the Vancouver Community Choir up on their offer to join the men's section. Life is shaking up. I am not sleeping well. More later.

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